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Jachimma Christian

Jachimma Christian


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Data Analyst Associate

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Case Study: HR Analytics in Power BI

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Investigating Netflix Movies and Guest Stars in The Office

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Food Claims Exploratory Analysis in Microsoft PowerBI


Climate Change and Impacts in Africa (Python)


Investigating Netflix Movies and Guest Stars in The Office Exploratory Analysis (Python)

My Certifications

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Data Analyst


Other Certificates

OPS SUPPORT INTERNATIONAL LTD. Continuous Improvement, Green Belt Certificate.

Coursera Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate

Meta Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate

Coursera Google Data Analytics Certificate

DataCamp Data Analyst Associate

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My Work Experience

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Ingressive For Good | Mar 2023 - Present

Data Analyst


Tropical Naturals Limited | May 2019 - Feb 2023

Agricultural Contractor / Farm Manager

Key Responsibilities and Achievements: 1. Operational Excellence: Led day-to-day operations, staff management, machine utilization, and financial oversight on a large-scale farm. This entailed orchestrating a synchronized workflow that resulted in increased productivity and resource optimization. 2. Community Empowerment: Spearheaded empowerment programs for local farmers, delivering crucial resources such as seeds, machinery, and expert guidance. These initiatives contributed to sustainable growth and socioeconomic advancement within the community. 3. Supply Chain Mastery: Managed the intricate sourcing and timely delivery of raw materials from indigenous farmers to the parent company in Lagos. My attention to detail ensured a reliable supply chain that met production demands seamlessly. 4. Infrastructure Advancements: Successfully led, and managed projects that included constructing farm roads, buildings, processing centres, and warehouses. These strategic enhancements optimized farm infrastructure for streamlined operations and efficiency gains. As a dedicated Farm Supervisor with a wealth of experience, I have demonstrated a strong ability to oversee and optimize operations on a 300- acre farm. My dynamic role encompassed managing teams of farmers, coordinating vital empowerment initiatives, and ensuring seamless supply chain management. This multifaceted experience has equipped me with valuable skills that are readily transferable to new challenges and opportunities.
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Tropical Naturals Limited | May 2018 - May 2019

Warehouse Assistant

As a Warehouse Assistant at TNL, I had the privilege of contributing to the smooth and efficient operations of the warehouse. During my tenure, I played a pivotal role in optimizing inventory management, ensuring timely order fulfilment, and maintaining a safe and organized workspace. This hands-on experience in warehouse operations allowed me to develop strong attention to detail, time management skills, and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. My tenure as a Warehouse Assistant further solidified my commitment to teamwork, reliability, and contributing to the organization's success. I am excited to leverage the skills and insights gained during this experience as I transition into data analytics. The analytical mindset and meticulous approach I honed as a Warehouse Assistant will undoubtedly contribute to my success in deriving meaningful insights from data.

NNPC Limited | Apr 2016 - Oct 2016

Engineering Intern

During my internship at PHRC, a subsidiary of NNPC, I had the opportunity to contribute to both the Maintenance and Health & Safety departments. I successfully leveraged my engineering skills and dedication to ensure a positive impact on various aspects of the organization. I demonstrated exceptional commitment and a keen eye for detail, which led to a performance rating of "Excellent" at the end of my internship. This enriching internship experience at PHRC allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical environment, further developing my skills in engineering, maintenance practices, and health and safety protocols. I am proud to have contributed to the success of PHRC and NNPC while honing my professional skills.

My Education

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Certified Associate Data Analyst DataCamp | 2023
Federal University of Technology Owerri Nigeria | Invalid Date

About Me

Jachimma Christian

Proficient in Microsoft PowerBI, SQL, Python, data visualization, and data storytelling, I specialize in crafting intelligent solutions. Excel | SQL | Power BI | Python | Ready to Cultivate New Opportunities

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