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Mark Atkinson

Mark Atkinson

Data Analyst

Octopus Energy


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Octopus Energy | Mar 2023 - Present

Data Analyst

- Developed and managed credit risk models and visualisations using dbt and Tableau to monitor performance. - Implemented occupier tracing and validation strategies with third-parties to address an increasing debt book, helping to guide the process from initial discussions through AB testing, bulk file submissions, to full-scale implementation. - Introduced health check monitoring to assess whether account issues were being addressed by customer service agents, improving service quality and customer satisfaction. - Implemented tracking for agent performance, monitoring call volumes, email responses and payment processing. - Developed financial support tracking, centralising data and visualising this using Tableau for streamlined monitoring. - Conducted profiling of persistent debtors to inform intervention strategies. - Enhanced streamlit dashboards to optimise internal support tools, improving usability. - Completed Salesforce's Trailhead course for advanced Tableau users, enhancing my data visualisation techniques and analytical skills.
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Bulb | Oct 2022 - Mar 2023

Policy and Compliance Data Lead

- Responsible for data extraction and submissions for OFGEM's Social Obligations and Household RFIs. - Contributed to QA initiatives, ensuring support agents were adhering to internal payment policies. This resulted in improved overall customer account health and increased payment compliance. - Centralised financial support data and developed basic modelling techniques using indicators of vulnerability to predict potential customer debt, enhancing our support strategies. - Collaborated on segmentation strategies for affordability scores, facilitating informed decisions on write-offs.

Bulb | Jul 2021 - Nov 2022

Operations Analyst

- Managed internal operations for financial support, processing approximately 30,000 financial assessments during the energy crisis. - Implemented comprehensive tracking which enabled and enhanced team performance in outbound dialling and support. - Won Bulb’s 2022 Hackathon with a personalised financial advice tool, offering customers tailored support.

Bulb | Apr 2021 - Jun 2021

Team Leader

Following the departure of two of our previous Leads in early 2021, I stepped into an interim Team Lead role for the Payment Support Team in March 2021. I was responsible for ensuring we provided a tailored, fast, supportive, and empathetic service to members in the early stages of debt escalation and collection, and helped the team to achieve weekly KPIs, motivated team members, and provided structured, radically candid feedback and quarterly reviews. I overhauled and improved the use of data in performance measurement for the team, and was able to spend a lot of time developing my use of Excel and Google Sheets. I also designed and implemented a robust and fair quality assurance process for the service work of the team, and managed this as an ongoing process. I looked after capacity planning and intraday analysis, owned training and onboarding for the team, and used my expert knowledge in this area to become a point of contact for support and all escalations.

Bulb | Oct 2020 - Mar 2021

Payment Support Specialist

After 12 months in my role as an Energy Specialist, looking after any and all customer service queries over the phone, email and online chat - I joined the Payment Support Team at Bulb. I was responsible for engaging with a large portion of customers in the early stages of debt collection, and my focus was to help vulnerable members make payments in a sustainable way. In this role, I took inbound and made outbound calls, sent emails, and helped to reduce Bulb's revenue at risk. Not only did this reduce our cost to service, and enable lower prices for all of our customers, but was an opportunity to help people especially during the pandemic to manage payments towards their energy usage and their debt.

Bulb | Oct 2019 - Sep 2020

Energy Specialist

In my role as an Energy Specialist, I was focused on helping customers with their accounts (on the phone, email and chat), answered questions about Bulb, and contacted other energy suppliers and was able to learn huge amounts about the energy industry and developing technologies (such as smart meters and electric vehicles). I was able to apply logic and used creativity and imagination to solve issues with many possible solutions. After 12 months developing these skills and taking on more responsibility within my team, I became a frequent stand-in Team Leader, and an Escalations Specialist - handling manager callbacks and complaints that required more specialist knowledge and expertise. All throughout, I was able to continuously improve my skill set, learning a lot about customer service and of the energy industry as a whole.

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BA (Hons), Audio ProductionUniversity of Lincoln | 2019
Pearson: BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma, Business (QCF)Lakes College - West Cumbria | 2016

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