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Dalia Nasr

Dalia Nasr

Machine Learning Engineer | Software Developer


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Introduction to Python

My New Project

Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing

My New Track

Data Scientist

Analytical maestro, orchestrating the symphony of insights with precision.

My Work

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Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing


Predicting Credit Card Approvals


Sentiment Analysis and Prediction in Python

My Certifications

These are the industry credentials that I’ve earned.

Other Certificates

Zaka AI ML in Production

Google Data Analyst Track

Data Camp Data Scientist

Data Camp Natural Language Processing Track

DeepLearning.AI Unsupervised Learning, Recommenders, Reinforcement Learning

Data Camp Data Science Track

Zaka AI AI Certification

DataCamp Course Completion

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My Work Experience

Where I've interned and worked during my career.

Zaka AI | Feb 2022 - Jun 2022

Machine Learning Trainee

● Designed and implemented full-cycle AI projects related to supervised and unsupervised learning, NLP, computer vision, and time series using diverse python ML toolboxes and DL frameworks. ● Worked on data preprocessing, feature engineering, model selection, and evaluation. ● Experienced working with cloud computing platforms (AWS/GCP), MLOps tools (Amazon SageMaker/Airflow), Docker containers, and Flask applications.
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Neuromatch | Jan 2022 - Present

Deep Learning Project Assistant

● Led the conceptualization and enhancement of advanced research projects. ● Orchestrated innovative coding solutions and facilitated research hypotheses to expedite outcomes.

Ensabill | Oct 2021 - Present

Machine Learning Engineer

● Research and utilize new ML/DL approaches to develop the best fitting models focusing on NLP for unstructured texts (NER, classification) and predictive modelings. ● Collected data using web scraping and applied data preprocessing (munging, cleaning, analyzing, feature engineering).

Ensabill | Oct 2021 - Present

Software Developer

● Connected the app with open banking APIs securely to automate transaction tracking and management. ● Implemented responsive mobile app UI using Flutter with integrated graphs for financial insights.

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Bachelors in Business ComputerLebanese University | 2021

About Me

Dalia Nasr

As a Machine Learning Engineer, I navigate the AI landscape, integrating full-stack expertise and computational neuroscience insights. My passion for mentorship drives tech's next wave. Together, let's pioneer innovation.

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