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David Bouret

David Bouret

Data Engineer

PwC | Brussels


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Python Data Science Toolbox (Part 1)

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Passionate problem-solver, leveraging data to drive impactful solutions.

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Supervised Learning with scikit-learn


Python Data Science Toolbox (Part 1)

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University of Michigan Python for Everybody

Microsoft Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

Coursera Course Certificates Machine Learning Specialization

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My Work Experience

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PwC | Jun 2023 - Present

Data Engineer

- Responsible for the setup and the maintenance of data infrastructure and pipelines across projects - Work together with data scientists and BI specialists to achieve a greater efficiency in data processing - Contributing to the discussion on data capture and metrics - Help to choose new technologies for data processing and implement the changeover to use them in a secure manner with highly sensitive data - Communicate proactively with the project team to enable teamwork and taking decisions; - Work on multiple complex projects simultaneously, displaying leadership and coaching skills; - Leverage the value of enterprise knowledge and data to help clients evolve towards insights-driven organisations by going through the whole “data” range: data architecture, business intelligence, machine learning, data science, visualisation and reporting - Enable business growth for top tier clients and create unique experiences for their people and customer base
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Inetum-Realdolmen | Sep 2021 - Present

Data & Analytics Consultant

As a member of a research team, I collaborated on an exciting project aimed at predicting electricity consumption over a 24-hour period using time series data. In my role, I was responsible for a range of essential tasks, including: - Setting up an Azure Databricks environment for the entire team to facilitate smooth teamwork and version control. - Cleaning and processing the data to ensure its quality by removing irrelevant data and outliers and using various techniques such as K-Means, MinMaxScaler, and Box Cox. - Highlighting seasonal, weekly, and daily trends to better understand patterns in the data and improve the accuracy of predictions. - Developing a cutting-edge GRU + RNN model for time series consumption prediction that leveraged my expertise in machine learning. - Conducting inference on real data to validate the effectiveness of the trained model. Data-driven problem solver: As a data analytics consultant, I focus on leveraging data to solve business problems. I have a knack for identifying key metrics and trends that drive business outcomes and can communicate complex data insights to stakeholders in a clear and concise manner. Data analysis and visualization: highly proficient in tools such as SQL and Python. I know how to clean and manipulate data, build models, and create visualizations that help stakeholders understand complex data relationships and trends. Business acumen: I understand the importance of aligning data analysis with business strategy. I am able to identify business problems that can be solved using data analysis and can help your clients develop data-driven solutions that deliver measurable business impact.

Gantrex | Apr 2021 - Sep 2021

IT Assistant

- Provided support for System Management applications on Azure cloud environment. - Managed system operations and software updates. - Troubleshot and solved technical problems.

Takeaway.com | Nov 2020 - Apr 2021

Customer Support Specialist

- Troubleshot technical issues for B2B/B2C.

Emirates | May 2016 - Sep 2020

International Flight Attendant


My Education

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Master's degree, Computer ScienceUniversity of Essex | 2023
Business Administration and Management, GeneralIchec Brussels Management School | 2014
Bachelor's degree, Business/Commerce, GeneralHaute Ecole Galilée, Bruxelles | 2012

About Me

David Bouret

As an enthusiastic individual, I have a strong passion for data, technology, and AI (Artificial Intelligence). My love for these areas has driven me to continuously learn and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements.

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