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Chili Piper | Feb 2022 - Present

Talent Development Coach

How many times have you read a job ad and hit every single ask? That doesn't happen, right? Well, it happened once to me with this job right here! - Coaching experience with a knack to ask the right questions to tease out development? Check! - Holistic approach and seeing employees as people? Check! - Confidentiality and compassion? Check! - Ability to connect the dots and create structure from ambiguity? Check, direct quote about me from a client: "You've given me the method to my madness!" - Big bonus: Willingness to be vulnerable and champion DEI? Checked so hard the key broke! The red thread through my broad background is that I'm a 'helping professional' and Chili Piper is the first company I ever saw stating "Help" as their top company value so I had to throw myself at this opportunity. Chili Piper is the leading inbound conversion software, used by top B2B revenue teams like Intuit, Twilio, Spotify, and Gong. We’re on a journey to build the best company to work for and to work with while trying to make the world a better place. Our team is distributed around more than 160 cities and 35 countries around the world. Join the movement!
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University of Victoria | May 2016 - Aug 2022

Administrator, Psychology Research Participation System

My department declared me an essential worker! What started as decreasing workload on a faculty member by externalizing duties ended up a pillar in the research process. If you have dozens of researchers, studies, and thousands of participants each year you better have somebody in the back pulling strings to keep the system running. That would be me, always ready to disentangle the latest drama when a study or plan misbehaves and to answer just one more question (it’s in the FAQ, seriously!).

Proposify | May 2021 - Jan 2022

Enablement Manager and Ombuds

"You are the Deanna Troi of Proposify." "Yay, time for my monthly therapy session!" "Thanks for noticing the cultural aspect I overlooked in my team's communication trouble." That's all quotes from the managers I work with. The outside of Sales requests for my collaboration hit critical mass in May so Ops went ahead and poached me so that I could work with everybody in the company. Turns out, having an internal leadership development person/coach/therapist helps with noticing red threads across departments and teams. I can jump in to untangle invisible cultural differences, unnoticed diversity challenges, apply psychological bandaids, and also, just do the good old learning and development resource fix.

Proposify | Apr 2020 - May 2021

Sales Enablement Program Manager

the ad. We were both not sure how I ended up on the radar for this. Then I had my first interview and it was love! Which other recent doctorate can say their first job out of school is developing an entire academic program? I had been delivered a group of willing victims for starting my mad social scientist career which morphed very quickly into ennoblement. Now I spend my days orchestrating together with my fellow power behind the throne to equip our reps with all the gadgets, skills, training, and holistic support they require to ride forth to aid and charm all the businesses in need.

University of Victoria | Oct 2019 - Nov 2019

Research Assistant

What do you get when you have over a dozen speakers and an already overworked coordinator for a course? A kerfuffle, that’s what you get. Intro, me, neutral party and education specialist, or glorified presentation optimizer if you prefer the snark. Took two months but in the end the curriculum was set, the slides pedagogically upgraded, and the format consistent.

University of Victoria | Sep 2015 - May 2019

Graduate Teaching Assistant

There is nothing quite like standing in a room of 300 and a hushed silence falling as you begin to speak. I still miss them… okay, maybe not their questionable excuses on assignments, but still. I miss watching them grow over the course of a semester. Miss the rush of them staying a bit longer after a seminar or lab because they are curious and feel safe to express their opinion. Miss their excited chatter and activity when one of my gamified exercises works as planned. Miss mentoring them. Yes, I even miss late-night hours over grading just one more essay because they count on me to be one of the department’s fastest feedback providers. Award: Certificate of Teaching Excellence, Council of Canadian Departments of Psychology, 2017 Courses: Introduction to Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Cultural Psychology, Organisational Psychology, Personality Psychology, Interpersonal Relationships, Environmental Problems and Human Behaviour, Research Design and Methodology, Theories of Personality

University of Victoria | May 2017 - Sep 2017

Graduate Student Researcher

When you’re the only one who bothered to learn the less prestigious skill you become the obvious answer when a problem suddenly requires it. Qualitative research gets a bad rep but some answers can only be found if you go deeper than numbers. So there I was, leading my little team (freshly trained by yours truly). Research strategy in place after a thorough review of literature, best methods, and ethics (pesky thing) we ventured forth and conducted many an interview in our quest to gather the needed data to plot the potential downfall of an old theory. Topic: Choices and Behaviour Barriers in Daily Life: A qualitative approach to the Theory of Planned Behaviour

UNBC - University of Northern British Columbia | Sep 2014 - Apr 2015

Sessional Instructor

Lectures ought to go die in a fire! I mean it, give me control over a course (like these poor fools did) and I’ll chuck the “sage on a stage’ out the window first chance I get. I refuse to build a curriculum that doesn’t put its money where its mouth is. Student-centred and skills-based education is all the rage these days, well, then let the students develop skills right in class. I will start a Social Psychology course by welcoming my students to ‘Dictatorship 101: how to start a cult or riot and make somebody fall in love with you’ Where’s the fun in being a mad social scientist if I don’t? From there it's months of exercises, scenarios, and roleplays. My students don’t walk out of a course without having honed their new powers for evil… uh, good, I mean of course for good. Courses: Social Psychology, Advanced Social Psychology

UNBC - University of Northern British Columbia | May 2014 - Aug 2014

Developer, Student Leadership Program

I talked about camping in the interview for this one! Yes, the interviewers gave me weird looks but it was completely invisible to me that maybe my board positions constituted leadership. Apparently my camping skills still got me the gig so I ended up calling across the continent to figure out what other universities were doing and then totally steal their ideas. Jokes aside, it was a wild four months of running all over campus to interview stakeholders, drum up hype (read, funding), read all the books on leadership theory, and then actually come up with a structure that we felt we not only could facilitate but our students would appreciate. Turns out my marketing worked so well we filled the program up to the brim in the first semester already! The amazing student leaders in the North deserved the recognition and official certification!

UNBC - University of Northern British Columbia | Sep 2013 - May 2014

Graduate Teaching Assistant

- Assisting in labs as well as giving self-developed lectures - Prompt grading of assignments and exams - Developing reading lists and mentoring students - Supervising examinations and facilitating technology integration in the course - Developing and executing an interactive lecture on "Qualitative Research Methods" Courses: Environmental Problems and Human Behaviour, Research Design and Methodology, Theories of Personality

NTNU | Oct 2012 - Oct 2012

Guest Lecturer

The birth of a legend… or monster. Your choice of how you want to frame it. This was the first official education opportunity I ever got and I haven’t looked back since. I won’t make any statements about the quality of the lecture but I spent nearly an hour answering questions afterward If nothing else, I sparked curiosity and to me, that is the foundation on which all development rests. Topic: “The psychology and social factors behind gender and sex” as part of the “Psychoaktiv” lecture series

Doc Chronic | Oct 2012 - Present

Coach, Facilitator, and Educator

Some things just go together: ballet and pathos, pets and cuddles, Devan and training. It all started with shy little me deciding enough is enough and finally walking up to one of the queer organizations in town. Long story short, I ended up on the board right that first meeting (that has become a bit of a theme actually). So what happens when you have a terrified but eager to do something new professional queer and a university not having anybody to talk about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion? You get a Devan stumbling face-first into the calling of their life! One lecture turned into a workshop, turned into a series of workshops and personal coaching sessions, turned into being the person known wherever they go for ‘Hey, this is a diversity thing, have you talked to Devan already?” I wouldn’t change it for the world! I get to: - constantly gain new knowledge myself - collaborate with amazing people - make difficult discussions and topics accessible for everybody - change the world around me for the better. Best job ever! So, call me maybe? Anonymized partial list of clients: Youth Organization, Immigrant Help Organization, University Residence Assistants, Mental Health Care Professionals, Nurses, University Faculty and Staff, HR departments, business managers

NTNU | Aug 2012 - Aug 2013

Student Researcher

This one didn’t work out. Oh, I did everything I was supposed to, supervisor was happy with that. Problem was, I did real science! Read, the hypothesis was totally off the mark and I confirmed that nope, it doesn’t work! Great science, very important for the advancement of knowledge but really doesn’t lend itself to writing a research paper that puts your name into the annals of history. Amazing exercise in resilience though, spend a year and lots of effort on ‘file report for the desk drawer and try again’ Research Topic: “Reducing Meat Consumption through Activation of Non- Environmental Values”

NTNU | May 2012 - Jun 2012

Graduate Research Assistant

Finding data in studies and putting them into SPSS isn’t glamorous but it means researchers don’t have to spend their precious time on it. This grunt work is necessary for the holy grail of science, the meta-analysis, and I’ll take pride in my small contribution to humanity’s ever-growing knowledge pool.

My Education

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Psychology in PsychologyUniversity of Victoria | 2019
Graduate Diploma, Learning and Teaching in Higher EducationUniversity of Victoria | 2018
Master of Philosophy (MPhil), Risk Psychology, Environment and SafetyNorges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet (NTNU) | 2013
Bachelor of Arts, General PsychologyUniversity of Bergen | 2011

About Me

Dr. Devan Kronisch

Social scientist out in the non-academic world. Just about missed the train on R (learned with SPSS) and looking to up my data game

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