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Introduction to SQL

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Andre Foods International | Aug 2023 - Dec 2023

Monitoring And Evaluation Assistant

eveloped and implement a data backup plan, ensuring data preservation and security. Support the development and implementation of Monitoring, Review, and Evaluation (M&E) plans in line with AFI corporate standards to generate high-quality evidence on beneficiary impacts, thereby guiding policy, strategy, and program development. I provide technical guidance to the General Food and Cash Assistance (GFA) Program/Project Planning, Development, Monitoring, and Evaluation in line with AFI and donor policies and standards, including maintaining systems to collect and analyze information on activities, outputs, outcomes, and impact. Furthermore, I provide technical leadership and day-to-day operations for the GFA project to fast-track a reduction in household food insecurity. I have generated quarterly performance management reports and maintained and ensured the timely submission of reviews on performance with supporting analytical illustrations. These have facilitated management with pertinent information for decision-making and planning purposes. Facilitate the dissemination of project and the inclusion of the project in technical working groups, which have strengthened and promoted collaboration between the project team and other stakeholders. Provide technical support in areas of report writing, documentation, data management, and data utilization. This has improved data quality and promoted efficiency and effectiveness in data collection by 85% in using mobile reporting kobo tool and ODK.
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Andre Foods International | Aug 2021 - Jul 2023

Field Associate

As a dedicated Field Officer at Andre Foods International, I have effectively coordinated the distribution of food rations to over 135,237 beneficiaries. In doing so, I have strictly adhered to organizational and WFP policies, ensuring a seamless general food distribution program. My keen attention to detail has enabled me to play an active role in the registration and verification of beneficiaries' data, achieving a 95% accuracy rate in identifying intended recipients. Working alongside a diverse team, I have collected and analyzed data for accurate distribution and assistance reports. My organizational skills have been instrumental in supervising over 30 general food distributions, with a focus on proper arrangements, security, and crowd control. I have prepared and submitted various reports, including distribution point visit reports and food monitor reports while maintaining a 100% accuracy rate in accounting for all commodities received and distributed.

Tracked Ltd | Apr 2023 - May 2023

Tracked Fellow

As an accomplished Analytics For All Tracked Fellow, I have successfully completed an intensive four-week program dedicated to developing a strong foundation in analytics. With over 40 hours of dedicated effort, I have acquired comprehensive training in key areas such as Data Modelling, Business Fundamentals, Data Visualizations, and SQL. These skills position me to excel in the analytics field and make a significant impact in organizations. During the fellowship, I have gained invaluable hands-on experience with cutting-edge platform technologies, including: • Data Modelling: Leveraging tools like Lucid Chart and Dbdiagram.io, I have acquired proficiency in creating effective data models that accurately represent complex relationships and structures. This expertise allows me to design robust data architectures that drive informed decision-making. • Business and Data Fundamentals: My proficiency in Excel has been refined, enabling me to analyze and manipulate data with ease. Additionally, I have developed a strong understanding of essential business concepts and strategies, empowering me to provide insights that align with organizational goals. • Database Fundamentals: With a strong command of SQL, I have mastered the ability to write efficient queries and effectively manage databases. This expertise enhances my capacity to extract valuable information from vast datasets, enabling data-driven decision-making. • Data Visualization: By harnessing the power of Excel, I have become adept at creating compelling data visualizations. Through the transformation of raw data into visually appealing insights, I facilitate clear and concise communication of complex information, driving actionable outcomes. This immersive training has equipped me with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the field of analytics. I possess a deep understanding of how to analyze, interpret, and effectively communicate data-driven insights.

The Pineton Consults Africa Ltd | Nov 2020 - May 2023

Data Management Coordinator

In my role as Data Management Coordinator at The Pineton Consults Africa Ltd, I have authored and implemented data collection tools using ODK, resulting in improved data quality and a significant increase in efficiency. My commitment to capacity-building has led to the successful training of field teams in using ODK collect, streamlining data collection processes and boosting productivity. I have showcased my strong communication and interpersonal skills by collaborating effectively with interdisciplinary and multicultural teams, as well as interacting positively with officials from other agencies. By conducting thorough validation checks on submitted data, I have identified and corrected 98% of errors, leading to a 30% improvement in data quality assurance. My comprehensive support in data analysis and reporting has facilitated the timely delivery of high-quality feasibility reports to clients.

Innovations for Poverty Action | Apr 2021 - Aug 2021

Field Officer - Data Management

Proactively collaborated with local stakeholders to identify and address data collection challenges, leading to a more efficient and effective data collection process, ultimately better serving our target communities. Extracted and reported data-driven conclusions for each project, resulting in a significant 10% improvement in data quality. Meticulously verified and approved enumerator work, validated incoming data, and implemented corrective measures when necessary, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of our data. Conducted high-frequency checks and analyzed unfamiliar patterns in the collected data, contributing to a remarkable 15% improvement in data quality. Engaged with stakeholders at the district and local levels, fostering collaboration and cooperation to ensure the success of projects. Demonstrated a keen eye for detail, identifying and rectifying inconsistencies in data collection methods, resulting in a 10% improvement in data quality and providing a solid foundation for decision-making.

Twaweza East Africa | Mar 2021 - Apr 2021

Field Research Consultant

As a Field Research Consultant at Twaweza East Africa, I played a vital role in conducting household listings in each of the sampled enumeration areas. By sampling over 100 households for data collection, I ensured the timely completion of data collection within project deadlines. My involvement in study participant recruitment and follow-up contributed to a remarkable 95% participation rate and high participant satisfaction. During in-person household interviews, I utilized effective communication and active listening skills to engage with the right respondents, resulting in accurate and comprehensive data collection. My keen attention to detail facilitated the organization of essential paperwork, such as participation- informed consent waivers and research scope documentation, ensuring compliance with ethical research standards and procedures. Working closely with the study Coordinator, I provided valuable assistance in compiling study reports. This collaboration enabled the timely completion of work and successful submission of research results to the client. Throughout the process, I adhered to social distancing protocols and wore masks or face shields, ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for all team members.


Research Assistant - Consultant


Ministry of Health - Uganda | Jun 2020 - Jan 2021

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Supervisor

As an M&E Supervisor at the Ministry of Health in Uganda, I took the initiative to train and coach over 500 data entry clerks nationwide on using data collection tools (EDMIS and CCMIS) for the campaign. My efforts led to a more proficient workforce and improved data collection processes. By overseeing the work of data enumerators, validating incoming data, and locating and correcting any inaccuracies, I contributed to a 10% improvement in data quality. This attention to detail ensured that the collected data was reliable and accurate, providing a strong foundation for informed decision- making. Throughout my tenure, I closely monitored daily data collection, conducted midterm evaluations, and documented program significant change stories. My dedication to these tasks helped maintain the effectiveness of the campaign and allowed the Ministry of Health to better understand its impact on the community.

African Youth and Adolescent Health Network, Uganda chapter -Rise


project | Apr 2018 - Dec 2020

Sexual and Reproductive Health Advocate/Coordinator

Conducted social media outreach and engagement with over 500 teenagers on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter to promote awareness and education about sexual and reproductive health. Collaborated with district officials and NGOs to establish a district-level network and led the coordination of community dialogue sessions on sexual and reproductive health services, reaching over 200 participants. Conducted comprehensive training and mentorship programs for over 100 adolescents on their sexual and reproductive health rights, resulting in increased awareness and understanding.

RISE | Aug 2019 - Sep 2019

Research assistant

Evaluated and screened potential study participants, resulting in a 30% increase in enrollment efficiency. Participated in the pre-texting of study tools, ensuring that they accurately captured the required data and led to a 15% improvement in data quality. Mapped the enumeration area for the survey and household listing, enabling efficient and comprehensive data collection for 1000 households. Planned and executed meetings, developed project documentation, and streamlined project reporting, resulting in a 20% increase in project efficiency. Collaborated closely with DHEs and VHTs in the field to plan data collection activities, leading to a 30% reduction in data collection time and an increase in data accuracy.

Makerere University School of Public Health Baseline survey for the


Young Disaster Resilience Leadership | May 2018 - Sep 2018

Research Assistant

Supervised and reviewed data collection tools to ensure completeness and validity of collected data on a daily basis, resulting in a 95% accuracy rate. Collaborated with the leadership team to identify relevant research questions and determine the best methods of data collection, resulting in a 20% increase in data quality. Organized critical paperwork, including participation-informed consent waivers and research scope documentation, resulting in timely completion of project documentation. Conducted meticulous research to identify information and answer multifaceted questions, resulting in the successful completion of project objectives within the stipulated timeframe

Reproductive Health Uganda | May 2017 - Aug 2017


Recognized as Intern of the Month for successfully mobilizing and conducting community outreach that exceeded targeted numbers, showcasing strong initiative and leadership skills, resulting in a 15% increase in service delivery. Provided administrative support by managing incoming calls, coordinating files, and sorting mail, contributing to smooth office operations. Collected and maintained complete and accurate records of clients according to RHU/MOH service statistics manual, contributing to accurate reporting and data management.

Kisoro FM | Dec 2014 - Aug 2015

Sales And Marketing Representative

• Demonstrated exceptional customer service and built strong relationships with clients, resulting in a 20% increase in client retention. • Successfully identified and pursued new markets and business opportunities, leading to increased sales and expanded business growth. • Implemented effective service strategies that filled market gaps and drove consistent sales, resulting in the achievement of established sales goals. • Proactively followed up with clients after completed sales to assess satisfaction and identify potential service requirements, contributing to increased customer loyalty and positive recommendations. • Acquired new customers and identified their unique needs to offer relevant services, leading to increased revenue and overall business growth.

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Postgraduate Diploma in Monitoring & Evaluation   · (JanuaryUganda Technology And Management University | 2024
Bachelor's degree, demography and reproductive healthKyambogo University | 2018
UACE Kigezi High school | 2014
St Paul's Seminary Rushoroza | 2012

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