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Viết Khoa Đinh

Viết Khoa Đinh

Research & Development Specialist

OKXE Vietnam


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Introduction to Python

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Introduction to DataCamp Projects

Insights architect, designing structures of knowledge with data as the foundation.

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Understanding Data Science


Introduction to Python


Intermediate Python

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My Work Experience

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OKXE Vietnam | Aug 2022 - Present

Research and Development Specialist


Wirecard | Feb 2022 - Present

Market Researcher


BC Card Viet Nam | Feb 2022 - Present

Market Research cum Business Developer

Market Research - Payment method industry Business Strategy developer Business Intelligence (Idea, Strategies analyst) Research Report (Desk Research in Fintech, Payment technology, Industry Trend, Legal related information) Data Visualization Product research and design (Functions, Wireframe, Flowchart)
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Buzzmetrics | Mar 2018 - Mar 2019

Marketing Research Analyst

- Perform Data Analyst process on Social Media data using Company' own Crawling Software - Data Analyst on Consumer Behavior base on there activity on Social Media (Post, Comment, Like, Share) - Edit/Create/Research new research article for Marketing Department - Perform Simple SEO (keywords, edit) on Company website's contents. Successful Project/Article - Project "How to understand your audience in World Cup on social media" - Editor/Data Analyst - Project "E-wallet: The big Four of Vietnam Market" - Editor/ Data Analyst - Project " Insight of Mom " - Data Processing - Project "Beer industry research – Part 1: Understanding beer-drinking occasions with social data" - Editor, Data processing - Project "Research on the beer industry – Part 2: How does the customer journey manifest on social media?" - Data processing - BSI TOP 10 from 03/2018 - 06/2019 - Data processing

Freelancer | Dec 2016 - Jan 2018

Event Executive

Event Management - Backstage Event executive - Control Performance Timeline - Control of Stage production - Timeline management - Relationship management with KOL, Performers


Project Management Intern

- Marketing performance (illustrator design for Banner/Standee/Banner AD) - Research Information for Project - Project Management (Create Project Timeline, Delivery timeline, Technical Documents) - Manage meeting with Clients (Weekly report meeting, delivery meeting, documentation meeting.) - Support Legal Documentation, Negotiation with Clients

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Master's degree, Management Information Systems, GeneralYuan-Ze University | 2021
Bachelor's degree, Public Relations/Image ManagementHUFLIT | 2017
MathematicsNguyễn Du High School | 2012

About Me

Viết Khoa Đinh

I'm currently a R&D Specialist in Payment method and Fintech, E-commerce platform company - looking to improve my skill in Data Analyst to find a better job and future.

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