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Ernesto Guerrero

Ernesto Guerrero

Quality Assurance Manager

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Hire Horatio CX | Oct 2022 - Present

Quality Assurance Manager

● Create and manage a client-tailored quality program, improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. ● Own critical errors, collaborating with cross-functional teams for swift solutions. ● Present QA and Customer Satisfaction trends, providing insights in Business Reviews. ● Orchestrate training and team-building activities for enhanced cohesion and performance. ● Create and execute recognition plans to inspire goal achievement. ● Adapt resource allocation for efficient client metric achievement. ● Oversee cross-functional initiatives, resolving challenges with data-driven approaches. ● Implement comprehensive reporting systems for QA and Customer Satisfaction metrics.
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Acquire BPO | Oct 2021 - Oct 2022

Quality Assurance Supervisor

-Led QA teams and Senior QA across different programs of 180+ representatives through different verticals (Customer Service, Sales, Tech Support, MLM, Health Insurance) to ensure quota compliance, employee engagement, and performance management. -Deployed development programs for all staff that addresses Quality Assurance and coaching items. -Led Continuous Improvement initiatives across different programs to drive Operational and Quality Assurance KPI performance through cross-functional and Data Analysis and Lean Six Sigma techniques. -Owned and followed up on critical errors to be addressed by Operations, Quality, and Training teams. -Attended Business Reviews with internal and external clients and presented Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction trends and actionable items.

Acquire BPO | Jan 2021 - Oct 2021

Senior Quality Assurance Specialist

- Led QA team of up to 12 members from different programs ensuring weekly quota compliance and quality work to be delivered to internal and external clients and drove performance and development engaging team members through innovation, recognition, performance management, awards, and team building activities. -Deployed reporting that includes Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction trends and performed data analysis to drive actionable items across Operations, Training, and Quality Assurance teams. -Ensured hosting of calibration sessions across different programs including internal and external clients and gathered variance trends to translate into actionable items/feedback. -Shared Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction recurrent reporting to internal and external clients for different programs. -Took ownership critical errors from internal and external clients and information security by escalating to Operations, Quality, Training, and HR teams and ensured proper corrective measures are taken.

Acquire BPO | Feb 2020 - Jan 2021

Quality Assurance Specialist

- Monitored transactions (recorded and live) to capture compliance against quality guidelines. - Provided trends report including Quality Standards and Customer Satisfaction factors to drive KPI improvement. - Provided coaching sessions to representatives addressing non-conformities based on quality guidelines and/or Customer Satisfaction report trends. - Conducted Customer Satisfaction Analysis to gauge actionable items for external and internal clients. - Led calibration sessions with internal and external clients to ensure reduction of process variance and standardize the auditing process. - Drove KPI results from non-conforming to exceeding client goals through continuous improvement cycles and cross-functional action items.

Acquire BPO | Oct 2017 - Nov 2019

Customer Service Representative


OutPLEX | Sep 2015 - Feb 2016

Sales Representative

Chat sales representative

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Data engineering and business intelligence Universidad del Caribe, Dominican Republic | 2024

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