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Eduardo Bastos de Moraes

Eduardo Bastos de Moraes

Sr Data Scientist

Arterra Wines Canada, Inc. | canada


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George Brown College - Canada Applied AI Developer Solution Program (Pos-Graduate) - GPA 3.9

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Arterra Wines | Jan 2023 - Present

Sr Data Scientist

As a Data Scientist, I have utilized Python, Plotly Dash, Databricks, Azure Storage, Knime, and Spark SQL to plan, execute, and deliver machine learning-based projects. Some of my responsibilities include applying advanced analytics techniques to perform classification and prediction tasks while integrating domain knowledge to create customized solutions based on an understanding of customer journey, marketing, sales, etc. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to understand IT and business constraints and prioritized, scoped, and managed data science projects to ensure success. Acquired access to various databases and created data pipelines for efficient and repeatable data science projects while working closely with data engineers to automate data ingestion and preparation steps. Worded with data engineers and IT to evaluate and implement project deployment options and integrated model performance management tools into the current business infrastructure. Established best practices around project production infrastructure and continuously monitored the execution and health of production data models. As part of my role as a Data Scientist, I also deployed machine learning models for various recommendation systems in e-commerce. These included "You May Also Like" recommendations, recommendations for the customer cart, churn prediction and predictions based on triggers for subscription services and wine club. For these recommendation systems, I have applied techniques such as Apriori, Light Gradient Boosting Machine and Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) to identify patterns and similarities in customer behavior and purchase history applied to collaborative filtering strategies. I then worked with the development team to deploy these models and integrate them into the e-commerce platform.
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Scotiabank | May 2022 - Jan 2023

Data Scientist

I have started working with the Global AI & Analytics team, helping them to mitigate customer claims globally. Some responsibilities are: • Work in an Agile environment to deploy solutions • Ingest massive volumes of structure and unstructured format data, model, transform and store it in a variety of data stores • Prepare detailed documentation to outline data sources, models, and algorithms used and developed • Recommend and develop optimal visualizations for insightful, actionable business use using visualization tools. • Shape data into reporting and analytics solutions. • Collaborate with business lines and other stakeholders to identify opportunities to drive business value by leveraging Data Science • Present results to business line stakeholders and help implement real data- driven changes • Collaborate with other Advanced Analytics stakeholders and partners to define data engineering, visualization and machine learning best-practices • Support analytical use-case delivery, as well as customer/financial benefits tracking and communication

River Analytics & Automation Inc. | Mar 2022 - Apr 2022

Data Analyst

I worked as a short-term contracted worker helping this company to develop a new analytics pipeline for a big financial company. I have helped in translating a big Excel financial statement file, which is the source of business decisions worth millions of dollars, into a brand new R model platform. I am using python code and JSON and R Studio to have the job done. The dev team works in an agile environment using the Azure dev-ops framework and GitHub for version control.

Newell Brands | Aug 2017 - Jun 2021

Latam Data Analytics (Data Science)

• Responsible for developing and deploying Data Engineering and Analytics methodologies for statistical data analysis in South America operations. Designed, engineered and deployed analytical data solution pipeline that helped the company improve 7 points of market share and grow more than 100% during Covid-19 pick period. • In addition, monitoring and measurement KPI pipelines for Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico have been developed and deployed under my leadership. Both for E-commerce and retail POS, assisting the Sales and Marketing teams better understanding customer behaviour and creating actionable insights from data driven findings, reducing analysis time by 30%. • Development and maintenance of robust dashboards and scorecards that provide insights into industry trends by channel, region, category, and market with customer segmentation, descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analysis, which has created the data driven mindset in the company. • Analysis, input, and recommendations concerning portfolio assortment gaps and pricing, using Web Scraping and Nielsen to ensure that research is accurate, timely, and cost-effective. Advanced user of the Nielsen Answers platform, which has increased the company's ability to make data-driven decisions. • Develop and execute a strategy for ingesting data from a variety of third-party sources, then transforming and leveraging it for analytical use. (B2B customer websites like Falabella and Cencosud, Walmart Retail Link, and other in-house data management projects…), which improved the data coverage to almost 80% of the market and helped the business team to use the data that matter most. Core Tech Skills: Power BI, SQL, Python, R, Tableau, SAP, Excel, Power Point, DAX, Nielsen Answers Other Skills: Analytical thinking and innovation, Critical thinking and analysis, Complex problem-solving, Technology use, monitoring and control, Active learning and learning strategies, Technology design and programming

Newell Brands | Apr 2011 - Jul 2017

Sales Data Intelligence SR Analyst

• Manage multiple projects simultaneously under tight deadlines. Management of 2 people (interns). Providing data analysis and support on customers, trade marketing, sales opportunities and operation. Extensive data analysis, interaction with many groups across the company. • Serve as the expert on the use of syndicated data to assist Marketing and Sales in the development of strategies and tactics. Coordination and leadership of monthly meetings. Deliver customized customer reports to support Senior Managers in analyzing current business including Vendor Performance Scorecards, weekly, monthly and Year to Date POS. • Monitor and follow up trade marketing budget efficiency (Actual vs Plan, sales impact vs plan, display and OnPacks activities). Conducting performance monitoring and insights via common reports, KPI's, dashboards, ensuring Gross to net budget was applied the best way possible, improving cashflow. • Leadership of the sellout management platform. Work with stakeholders to ensure data-driven answers are provided and recommended • One of the responsible for the SAP deployment, working as an SAP BPC to Order to Cash, Pricing, Salesforce and Bex Reports, becoming one of the few Sap Bex super user in Latam for the company. Core Tech Skills: Power BI, SQL, Python, R, Tableau, SAP, Excel, Power Point, DAX, Nielsen Answers, Qliksense, VBA Other Skills: Active learning and learning strategies, Critical thinking and analysis, Technology design and programming, Resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility, Reasoning, problem-solving and ideation, Troubleshooting and user experience, Complex problem-solving, Technology use, monitoring and control.

Kimberly-Clark | Sep 2010 - Mar 2011

Sales Intelligence Data Productivity Assistant

• Exploratory data analysis, Prototyping, testing hypotheses, performing root cause analyses, modeling business processes, building forecasts, creating predictive models, defining metrics, and/or measuring business performance. • Process improvement iniciatives, Created the sales vendor geo-schedule routine to optimize the cost of sales person business trips to customers (Excel VBA) • Planning, automation and deployment of variable compensation simulator process for all sales vendor (aprox 200) • Closely studying and analyzing past sales data to determine trends in productivity (SAP) • Developing quotas for the Sales team, evaluating their performance on the basis of this quota, and forecasting sales. Core Tech Skills: SQL, Tableau, SAP, Excel, Power Point, DAX, Nielsen Answers, QlikSense, Google Analytics, VBA Other Skills: Analytical thinking and innovation, Technology design and programming, Critical thinking and analysis, Complex problem-solving, Resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility

ITW | Aug 2009 - Aug 2010

Sales Data Assistant

• Worked with Senior Sales Manager in developing a sales model to ensure profitability for each customer • Linking data and analytics to business strategy, financial performance, and operations to drive real impact. • Responsible por deliver data analysis and sales support for big customers like Toyota, Mercedez Benz, Atlas Schindler, Scania, Caterpillar. • Worked on the development and implementation of sales performance metrics, conducted comprehensive competitor analysis, and identified potential business opportunities • Suggesting adjustments and revisions to current sales techniques and promotional strategies to improve sales and profitability based on market research and new trends Core Tech Skills: SQL, Excel, Power Point, Google Analytics Other Skills: Active learning and learning strategies, Complex problem-solving, Resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility, Critical thinking and analysis, Technology design and programming, Leadership and social influence, Emotional intelligence,

Editora JBC | May 2007 - Mar 2009

Customer Service Supervisor

Projects development to Marketing and Communications areas. Responsible for built and maintaining customer database, extraction and manipulation of data, data enrichment, studies of market potentials and break even analysis. Datacleasing, customer segmentation; Responsible for the quality of the sales databases, cross-selling, identifying, extracting, classifying and organizing information and knowledge with CRM DBM, Excel, Access, ETL, SQL Queries and manipulation of database; Web Marketing leadership Responsible for customer relationship process. Coordination of sales subscriptions in the stands at literary events such as Festival of Japan in 2007 and 2008, Anime Friends 2007, Biennial Book / RJ 2007. Biennial and SP 2008. Responsible for sales of subscriptions to the magazine Made in Japan. Core Tech Skills: Excel, VBA Other Skills: Analytical thinking and innovation, Active learning and learning strategies, Technology design and programming, Critical thinking and analysis, Leadership and social influence, Technology use, monitoring and control.

My Education

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Postgraduate Degree, Applied A.I. Solutions Development Program in Data Science | Machine Learning - GPA 3.9George Brown College | 2022
Advanced English, English Language and Literature, GeneralBerlitz | 2017
Business Trainning, S&OP –Sales and Operations PlanningNeoGrid | 2015
Master of Business Administration (MBA), Market StrategyFGV | 2014
Bacharel, Business AdministrationUniversidade Santo Amaro - Unisa | 2008

About Me

Eduardo Bastos de Moraes

I'm an artificial intelligence post graduated from GeorgeBrown College in Toronto/CA with a background in data analytics who love Data Science, Machine Learning, travelling, and like to pretend to play guitar.

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