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Erick Santiago

Erick Santiago

Senior Software Engineer



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Introduction to Python

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Grupo GFT | Aug 2020 - Present

Senior Software Engineer

Designing and developing data engineering solutions for a CERC, leveraging Python (Pandas, Flask, Django, FastAPI) for data processing and transformation tasks. Working extensively with GCP services such as BigQuery, Cloud Run, and Cloud Storage to build scalable services. Utilizing PostgreSQL for data storage and retrieval, ensuring data integrity and performance optimization. Implementing data ingestion and ELT processes using Google Cloud Dataflow and Apache Beam to process and transform large volumes of data. Building and managing data workflows, leveraging Workflow with Apache Beam to orchestrate and schedule data processing tasks. Integrating with data warehouses, including Google Cloud Storage, to store and organize structured and unstructured data in a data lake architecture. For BTG one of the largest investment banks in Latin America. Led the migration project, architecting and implementing a scalable and efficient solution using Docker and Kubernetes. Containerized the application and deployed it as a Web API in .NET for seamless front-end integration and consumer usage. Leveraged AWS Lambda for asynchronous and scalable processing, enabling high-performance execution of critical tasks. Took ownership of the global scope, ensuring refinement, infrastructure
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Nimbi S/A | Jan 2020 - Jun 2020

Software Developer

Development, implementation and maintenance of applications and microservices to increase and performance of the application using NodeJS, Python and C#(.Net Core 3.1) and AWS services (EC2, Lambda, Cloudwatch, API Gateway, S3, IAM, SQS).

Bionic | Jan 2017 - May 2019

Software Developer

Softwares focused on web development and retail analytics, so that the customer can have a better understanding through image processing of the flow inside the industry, using technologies such as C# (.Net Core 2.2, MVC 4 and Entity Framework), AngularJS, NodeJS, PostgreSQL and Python(OpenCV).

Avanade | May 2019 - Jan 2019

Software Developer

Software development, maintenance and deployment of applications, contributing with the creation of technical solutions and ensuring the code quality. Using C#(.Net core 2.2 and .Net Framework 4.6, WebAPI, WCF, Entity Framework, Moq and NUnit), AngularJS(with SCSS and grunt), Redis and Oracle Database (12c), Version control with SVN and Git(Trunk based and Git- Flow), Agile method (SCRUM) and also as development process TDD, BDD and dependecy injection.

Viitra Inovações | Jan 2013 - Jan 2015

Software Developer Internship

Worked on the development of simple Android MVP apps.

My Education

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Universidade de Pernambuco | 2023

About Me

Erick Santiago

Skilled Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience developing scalable applications using modern software design techniques which made me improve the performance that I've been working on over the years, always taking care of the code quality.

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