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Elle Neal

Elle Neal

Data Scientist

Cohere | Exeter


Analytical wordsmith, crafting stories with data as the pen and curiosity as the ink.

My Work

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Introduction to Python


Intermediate Python


Interactive Prediction Dashboard - Predicting Concrete Strength


Turbocharge Semantic Search With AI in 5 Easy Steps


Transforming Data Science: Building a Topic Modelling App with Cohere and Databutton | by Elle Neal | Databutton | Medium


Mind Mapping with AI: An Accessible Approach for Neurodiverse Learners | by Elle Neal | Medium


Retrieval Augmented Generation for LLM Bots with LangChain


How I Made an AI Team do my Work for me using Cohere and CrewAI | by Elle Neal | Feb, 2024 | Medium


🚀Build and Deploy AI Apps in 5 steps -with Cohere and Databutton | by Elle Neal | Databutton | Medium


Deploying with Databutton


My Certifications

These are the industry credentials that I’ve earned.

Other Certificates

Cambridge Spark L7 AI & Data Science Apprenticeship - Explainable AI

Cambridge Spark L7 AI & Data Science Apprenticeship - Neural Networks & Deep Learning

Cambridge Spark L7 AI & Data Science Apprenticeship - Intermediate Machine Learning

Activeloop LangChain & Vector Databases in Production

STEM Learning STEM Ambassador 30 hours of engagement 2022/2023

Cambridge Spark AI & Data Science Apprentice of the Year

Cambridge Spark L7 AI & Data Science Apprenticeship - Machine Learning Foundations

Cambridge Spark L7 AI & Data Science Apprenticeship - Data Science Foundations

Learning People Artificial Intelligence

Learning People Digital Transformation

Learning People Pro Digital Data Pathway

Learning People Python Apprentice

DataCamp Course Completion

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My Work Experience

Where I've interned and worked during my career.

Cohere | Mar 2024 - Present

Data Annotator/AI Data Trainer - Data Scientist (Contractor)

Enhancing data quality for AI models through writing or reading/proofreading code and natural language. Creating high-quality samples for training models, improving machine and human-written code.
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STEM Learning UK | Jan 2023 - Present

STEM Ambassador

Championing STEM education by initiating and leading robotics and coding clubs, actively visiting schools to inspire and mentor students. Engaging young learners in hands-on technology activities, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills through practical exposure to coding and robotics.

Freelance | Dec 2022 - Present

Podcast Guest

Sharing insights on AI and Data Science, advocating for women in tech, and promoting educational initiatives for young coders, enhancing public understanding and engagement with advanced technology trends.

AI4C | Nov 2022 - Present

AI4C Associate

Supporting AI4C's aim is to collaboratively collect and share best practice in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology area for the benefit of the charity sector. Speaking at meetings, workshops and events to discuss and share lessons learnt and provide professional insights on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Freelance | Nov 2022 - Present

Generative AI Technical Content Creator

Developing and curating engaging and informative content on generative AI technologies. Crafting tutorials, guides, and articles that elucidate complex AI concepts, making them accessible to diverse audiences, thereby enhancing understanding and fostering innovation in the field.

Cohere | Oct 2022 - Present

Cohere Community Ambassador

Volunteering to create and provide comprehensive tutorials and applications for the Cohere Community, aimed at enriching the community's understanding and practical skills in AI technologies.

Freelance | Oct 2022 - Present

Generative AI Application Developer

Designing, building and deploying full-stack generative AI applications to solve real-world problems. Developed "Neuro Mermaid AI," an application designed to support neurodiverse learners through AI-powered mind mapping. This tool facilitates the visualisation of thoughts and ideas in a structured format, making learning and comprehension more accessible and tailored to individual cognitive styles.

BPA Quality UK | Contact Centre Quality | Aug 2021 - Feb 2024

Data Scientist

Creating powerful data insights which are essential to the value we deliver to our clients. Combining mathematical and statistical expertise with curiosity and creative instincts to mine, manipulate, interpret and present our data in ways that drive and empower our clients to achieve their customer goals.

BPA Quality UK | Contact Centre Quality | Jun 2020 - Jan 2022

Data Analytics and Insight Manager

To deliver highly effective reporting and data driven insight that will drive the performance of the business and its Clients.

BPA Quality UK | Contact Centre Quality | Aug 2017 - Jun 2020

Data Analysis and Reporting Manager

Reporting and analytics management contributing towards the achievement of the highest level of efficiency possible through supporting the creation and delivery of operational and profitability reporting. Managing a team of data reporting specialists in the delivery of business review, performance, forecast and ad hoc reporting, providing datasets that will support further data analysis.

BPA Quality UK | Contact Centre Quality | May 2010 - Aug 2017

Senior Project Manager


BPA Quality UK | Contact Centre Quality | Aug 2008 - Aug 2010

Program Manager


BPA Quality UK | Contact Centre Quality | May 2006 - Aug 2008

Independent Quality Evaluator


My Education

Take a look at my formal education

L7 AI & Data Science Apprenticeship , AI & Data Science  · (JuneCambridge Spark | 2024
BA, Business ManagementUniversity of Exeter | 2008
Art and DesignExeter College | 2004

About Me

Elle Neal

Data Scientist and AI Application Developer with a deep commitment to mentoring and education in the field of data science.

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