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Emanuel Calderon

Emanuel Calderon

Corporate Functions Data Engineer

Travelers Insurance/John Hopkins | glastonbury CT


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Travelers | Jan 2022 - Present

Data Engineer, Corporate Technologies

• Play a key role in growing and transforming current analytics landscape to a cloud-based data management system, utilizing interconnected tools (AWS, Spark, Neo4j, python, etc.…) to provide business with method to analyze for best practice. • Design, build and deploy data solutions that ETL data to support AI, machine learning and business intelligence. • Incorporate core data management competencies including data governance, data security and data quality. • Collaborate within and across teams to support delivery and educate end users on data products/analytic environment. Key Accomplishments: AWS Cloud Practitioner Certified and successful pipeline creation from on premise, to AWS and to Snowflake warehouse.
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Pratt & Whitney | Feb 2021 - Jan 2022

Project/Data Analytics Eng.

• Created role to both promote organizational success with cross functionally created project/data pipelines and lead groups to task closures on stop delivery orders and new process implementations. • Utilize incoming data using Minitab/Python/Pandas to optimize internal systems and suggest new data pipelines. • Lead Statistical Process Control “Accept As Is” Reduction Campaign as Project Engineer to eliminate ~$1M/yr of accruals. • Green Belt Lead for F100 component, eliminating $6,319/part of accrued scrap dollars via Statistical Process Control.

Pratt & Whitney | Aug 2019 - Jan 2022

Administrative Lead in Engineering to Manufacturing

• Managed a program of 7 participants to provide data driven solutions for business units, lead organizations leadership of intent, after-action reviews, website development and Executive Level report outs. • Governed Manufacturing Corrective Action Board reviews gathering cross- functional data to suggest metric driven projects. • Earned Green Belt as Statistical Process Control project lead, to cut >$100k/ yr of rework costs by metric driven solutions. Key Accomplishments: Eagle award ($1K) & Green Belt for six sigma data-driven project, remain advisory board member to program.

Pratt & Whitney | Apr 2019 - Feb 2021

Manufacturing Engineer Rotation Engineering to Manufacturing

• Led entire business unit through monthly MCAB’s identifying potential process improvement projects through data analysis. • Led team with design related projects/tasks dealing with tool design, process improvements and machine qualifications. • Led & earned Green Belt for Continuous Improvement (CI) 6S SPC project, reducing +$100k/yr of costs associated to reworks.

Brewster Condominium | Jan 2019 - Present

Brewster Treasurer – Continuous Improvement Project

• Represent 60-unit owners and lead with team of five to increase property value, reduce work input to output ratio and provide progressive decisions for functions of association. • Created extract tool via python/pandas for metric driven decisions via visualizations of monthly unit metric reports. Key Accomplishments: Increased profit margins of 2bed 1bath unit owners by ~$30k, increase participation of owners and all units occupied.

Pratt & Whitney | Jan 2019 - Jan 2022

Hispanic Leadership Forum Treasurer/Continuous Improve

performance & suggest proper team recourse. • Led & improved communications platform through OneNote to streamline event notices and obtain live updates. • Co-managed 15 team members to improve common practices and bring LatinX culture to business and community. Key Accomplishments: Became Latina Styles #1 US Hispanic ERG in the nation for continual efforts from 2018-2019. Through Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief efforts in 2018, awarded PW Leadership Through Disaster Award.

Pratt & Whitney | Aug 2018 - Apr 2019

Design Engineer Externals

• Led team as design/structures to ETR for military/commercial external systems & provided ESW feedback to bust bureaucracy. • Led and chose to rotate into product definition to bridge gaps between discipline and create new rotational process • completed design alteration to new components for better performance of engine

Pratt & Whitney | Sep 2017 - Aug 2018

Structures Engineer Externals in Engineering Development Program

• Led root cause investigation team as structures lead to find bad actor in manifold leak. • Led team as structures to ETR for military/commercial external systems & provided ESW feedback to bust bureaucracy. • worked with Linux and shell to continually send project analysis documents to be run by cluster of computers.

Pratt & Whitney | May 2016 - Sep 2017

Design Engineer Fan/Externals in Engineering Development Program

• Led team as design to ETR for military/commercial external systems & provided ESW feedback to bust bureaucracy. • Led and chose to rotate into product definition to bridge gaps between discipline and create new rotational process • Led and improved common fan QN practices using GOM and became PL3 approved.

Pratt & Whitney | Aug 2016 - Mar 2017

Hispanic Leadership Forum Lead Communications

• Create ways to efficiently and effectively provide communication to 300 members. • Optimize current organization structure.

Fabco-Air, Inc. | Jul 2015 - Feb 2016

Design / Web Developer / Programmer

• Led and managed formulation of parts/assembly’s design in CAD Software for use on company live streaming web server. • Improved various programming logic of company catalogue for customers using the company site.

Biomet | Aug 2014 - May 2015

Design Engineer

•Co-leading team of diverse engineering disciplines to optimize current approximation & fixation designs for sternal closure •Constructed imitation of sternal bench top model using manufacturing equipment for design prototyping phase •Analyze stress concentrations using CAD & research for alternative features to combine current concepts •Using CAD software to effectively demonstrate explicit design ideas to both team & company leader

GE Energy Management | May 2014 - Aug 2014

Mechanical Engineering Intern/Manufacturing/Operations

•Led & optimized work station using SIPOC, then provided flash overview of progress & performance for value stream. •Assisted inputting and standardizing fabrication production of 40+ staff to set a standard performance tracking system. •Led, Designed & optimized layout of work station using LEAN structure to improve product flow & performance. •Improved shop production and the consistency and accuracy of shop reporting for 20+ plant leaders.

The Mosaic Company | Jan 2013 - May 2013

Mechanical Engineering Intern/Maintenance & Reliability Engineer

•Managed & led contractors to assist optimizing the safety of mechanical equipment around the chemical plant. •Implemented better solutions for continuous improvements, equipment handling & replacement of parts. •Applied course related mechanics to locate & fix bad actors for industrial equipment. •Assisted in recording, updating & cataloguing production of 200+ staff.

My Education

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Master of Science - MS, Computer Science Data Science and Cloud ComputingThe Johns Hopkins University | 2025
Certificate, Data Science Python/SQL/Machine Learning/Deep Learning/ Business ValueDATA SCIENCE INFINITY | 2023
Data Engineer With Python Certificate, Data Engineering  · (AugustDataCamp | 2021
Master of Business Administration - MBA, Business Data AnalyticsUniversity of Connecticut School of Business | 2020
Bachelor of Science - BS, Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of Florida | 2015

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