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Emilio Flores

Emilio Flores


Tata Consultancy Services


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Introduction to SQL

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SQL Server Developer

Data virtuoso, playing the chords of information to create harmonious insights.

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Understanding Data Engineering


Introduction to SQL


Intermediate SQL

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Tata Consultancy Services | Dec 2022 - Present



AlphaCredit | Aug 2021 - Dec 2022

Collection Manager / Data Base Administrator

* Designed and built a Data Warehouse. * Created from scratch, using Python and CMD (AT commands), ETL pipelines to: * Read Excel files, CSV files, TSV files and MySQL/SQL Server tables, * Clean and organize the data. * Upload it to SQL Server tables and Google Sheets spreadsheets. * Developed dashboards in Looker Studio and Tableau to gain insights that helped us improve our collection strategies. * Made real-time information available to take action on our ongoing processes. * Innovated in the area by proposing projects based on data insights. * Developed a GUI app in Python, using PySimpleGUI, to: * Create custom SQL queries. * Execute the query in MySQL/SQL Server. * Save the query result in CSV, Excel files or upload it to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.
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Pollos & Pollos | Aug 2021 - Present

Transition to Digital Business

Implemented a system for my family's business, using Python, SQL Server, Google Sheets and Looker Studio, that: * Allows recording purchases and sales in Google Sheets spreadsheets. * Saves today record in a SQL Server database. * At the end of the day, creates dashboards with key sales insights. automatically updates consumer credit information. * Provides personalized recommendations based on the client's purchase.

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Engineer in Computer SystemsUniversidad del Valle de México | 2022

About Me

Emilio Flores

Since I landed my first job, I realized that I wanted to learn how to create good and accessible data repositories. I began learning about Data Engineering and Data Analysis by taking courses and reading books.

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