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Eric Van Looy

Eric Van Looy


Junior Data Analyst

The Curious Academy | Reading


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Introduction to SQL

Analytics acrobat, performing feats of insight extraction with grace and agility.

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Introduction to SQL


Intermediate SQL


Joining Data in SQL


What makes a number 1 song?


Global Schooling Project


Property Prices Overview in RG Postcodes


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Associate SQL


Data Analyst


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Datacamp Data Analyst Associate

Datacamp SQL Associate

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The Curious Academy | Oct 2023 - Present

Junior Data Analyst

Tutor-led and self-learning Data Analytics Program centred around Datacamp.com modules. I achieved Data Analyst Associate and SQL Associate certification in November 2023. Proficiency in MS Office Excel, PostgreSQL and Tableau. My educational profile: https://www.datacamp.com/portfolio/ericvanlooy My Github: https://github.com/ericvanlooy/ My vizzes: https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/eric.van.looy/vizzes
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RWS Group | Jan 2021 - Sep 2023

Customer Quality Manager

Made redundant on 05/09/2023 I designed and executed Client Quality Frameworks by fostering direct communication between linguists and stakeholders, ensuring regular updates to reference materials, and driving Quality Improvement Plans to fruition. I headed client workshops, equipping attendees with valuable insights on Content Authoring and Terminology, resulting in a significant boost in localization business for RWS. I played a pivotal role in guiding clients through the implementation of new TMS systems, with a sharp focus on configuring translator workbenches, refining LQA processes, and streamlining the terminology setup. I led a transformation in LQA data capture, analysis, and summarization processes, delivering substantial improvements for a major corporate client. I reengineered the internal Terminology Quality library, ensuring its readiness for seamless implementation by future clients.

Expedia Group | Dec 2017 - Jun 2020

Global Terminology Manager

I pioneered localization-centric terminology production cycles, emphasizing term extraction, concept and term validation, term translation, and market approval processes. I led the creation and seamless implementation of an industry-best-practice, concept-based termbase model for the Localisation Group. I played a large role in training and guiding my Localisation colleagues on terminology models, processes, and built relevant library documentation. I expanded the terminology lifecycle framework to encompass source brand/ product participation for two of Expedia Group's prominent brands. I provided invaluable consultation to the Localisation Group during TMS candidate RFPs, offering critical insights and expertise. I executed the migration of the terminology architecture from Worldserver to XTM Cloud TMS. I led a large-scale, multilingual TM cleanup initiative in Worldserver in preparation for the XTM migration, overseeing project scoping, preparation, monitoring, and comprehensive reporting.

Expedia Group | Dec 2011 - Dec 2017

Manager, Localization Quality

In collaboration with my direct reports, I significantly enhanced the quality and impact of all Dutch content across EG platforms by maintaining open lines of communication with stakeholders, conducting thorough ad-hoc bug testing and resolution, and implementing strategic SEO improvement plans. I cultivated an environment of trust and empowerment for my direct reports, fostering their growth by entrusting them with ownership of projects and brands, while also offering them bandwidth to focus on their own career growth. I played a pivotal role in Vendor Management by facilitating a seamless transition from MLV to SLV partners, thereby co-opting a new vendor management model with great success. I championed the adoption of Machine Translation (MT) and took the lead in conducting an extensive MT Quality test with source providers. I co-led a substantial effort within the Localisation Group to structure and standardize reference material across Expedia Group languages, ensuring a harmonious and consistent approach across the Localisation Group.

My Education

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Masters in Linguistics in English - ItalianKU Leuven | 2005
Diploma in Advanced Terminology ManagementECQA

About Me

Eric Van Looy

Customer-focused and confident professional with a background in linguistics, localisation and quality management. Making inroads in Data Analytics through The Curious Academy and Datacamp's Learnings. Budding proficiency in PostgreSQL and Tableau.

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