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Esther Reginald Yeboah

Esther Reginald Yeboah

Data Analyst



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Competition - Everyone Can Learn Python Scholarship

I am a data analyst, you can become one too! Talks about #dataanalyst, #datascience, #womenindata, #dataanalytics, and #datavisualization

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Competition - Everyone Can Learn Python Scholarship


Project - Analyzing Unicorn Companies


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My Work Experience

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Vodafone | Jul 2023 - Present

Digital Transformation Analyst


Abeyie Innovation Studios | Apr 2023 - Present

Data Analyst

Volunteering as a Data Analyst to undertake Data collection, mining and Analysis of She Rock and Abeyie App Project.
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DataLighter | Nov 2022 - Present

Data Literacy Evangelist


365 IMPACT LTD | Aug 2022 - Feb 2023

Business Intelligence Analyst

• Created visually appealing dashboards and presentations to effectively communicate research insights and results to key stakeholders. • Utilized data from the 2021 Ghana population census and Ministry of Health to design and implement a health app that improves rural communities' access to quality healthcare and timely treatment. • Developed an Excel-based automation solution for efficient tracking of device SIM card usage.

Blossom Academy | May 2022 - Aug 2022

Data Analyst Apprientist


Calvary Baptist Church, Accra | Aug 2016 - Feb 2022

Procurement and General Service Officer

• Analyzed spend data to identify patterns and trends in spending, as well as opportunities for cost savings. This analysis resulted in the identification of several cost-saving opportunities and helped drive down procurement costs. • Forecasted demand by analyzing historical procurement data and industry trends. This helped me plan procurement activities more effectively and reduce waste in the procurement process. • Successfully led a 5-member team in streamlining daily workflow, resulting in a 20% increase in productivity.

My Education

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University College of Management Studies, Accra | Invalid Date
Data AnalyticsDataCamp | 2023
Google Data Analytics Certificate, Data Analytics  · (November 2021 - MarchCoursera | 2022
Diploma, Project ManagementGhana Institute of Management and Public Administration | 2018

About Me

Esther Reginald Yeboah

I am a data analyst, you can become one too! Talks about #dataanalyst, #datascience, #womenindata, #dataanalytics, and #datavisualization

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