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My Python workspace (copy)

My New Workbook

Using Synthetic Data for Machine Learning & AI in Python (DataCamp Webinar) (copy)

Data-driven approach with focus on actionable insights - AI Agentic Systems for Business Solutions and Beyond

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My Python workspace (copy)


Introduction to Python


Using Synthetic Data for Machine Learning & AI in Python (DataCamp Webinar) (copy)


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My Certifications

These are the industry credentials that I’ve earned.

Other Certificates

DeepLearning.AI & João Moura Founder and CEO of crewAI Multi AI Agent Systems with CrewAI

Chi Wang & Qingyun Wu Microsoft PennState DeepLearning.Al Al Agentic Design Patterns with AutoGen

Harrison Chase (LangChain) and Rotem Weiss ? DeepLearning.AI AI Agents in LangGraph

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My Work Experience

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Program Manager - Business Development

In my role as Program Manager at Villa Outpatient Services has focused on advancing our telehealth services through cutting-edge data analysis, innovative healthcare technologies, and pioneering AI applications. By implementing a locally hosted, fine-tuned language model with a strong emphasis on privacy and compliance with HIPAA regulations, I've spearheaded a telehealth expansion that prioritizes client-centered care. Enhancing our infrastructure with Microsoft 365 - SharePoint, Fabric framework, and Copilot integration has streamlined our operations, optimized healthcare communication, and reduced administrative overhead, allowing our professionals to focus more on patient care. I emphasize program management, staff training, operational efficiency, and telehealth delivery to ensure high-quality, secure, and evidence-based services. My commitment to leveraging the latest technology and AI ensures that Villa Outpatient Services remains at the forefront of delivering patient- focused telehealth services. By prioritizing accessibility, security, and client- centered care, I am working towards establishing us as a leader in the telehealth sector for mental health and substance abuse disorders.
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Vesto, LLC | Apr 2021 - Jun 2022

Brazil Country Manager

Vesto provides an easy-to-use yet powerful gateway into the cryptocurrency ecosystem transforming how organizations and individuals transact business, store and transfer digitized assets, and earn money. With a single secure sign- on.

Chabad Treatment Center | Dec 2017 - Mar 2020

Outpatient Program Manager

Healthcare - Addiction treatment center implementation experience : . Responsible for Improvements in communication, and productivity between departments by enabling seamless data sharing and reducing data entry redundancies. . Leverage staff time spent with clients by reducing time allocation to office tasks. . Support for billing department in the accurate tracking of services. . Ensure HIPAA compliance and enforce systems security. .Google G Suite for business .Support KIPU medical record best practices. www.chabadrehab.com

H3 - Highland Health HUB / Highland Recovery LLC. | Jun 2017 - Present

Lead Consultant

the gap between patients and providers digitally, enhancing access, outcomes, and operational efficiency. Our cutting-edge telehealth implementation approach enable patients to receive high-quality care from the comfort of their homes, reducing the need for travel and minimizing exposure to health risks. By leveraging advanced technologies such as AI-powered augmentation of services and real-time data analytics, we ensure accurate, timely, and personalized care. Our solutions not only improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes but also streamline workflows for healthcare providers, leading to increased efficiency and reduced operational costs. Details Website: highlandhealthhub.com ( Under final stages of construction). Industry: Healthcare Technology Consulting Company Size: 1 - ♾♾ Hybrid ( Human + AI employees) Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA. Type: Private Company Founded: 2018 Specialties: Custom Telehealth Solutions AI-Powered Augmentation Data Analytics for Telehealth Telehealth Training Programs Regulatory Compliance Grant Writing & Alignment Analysis Cybersecurity Measures Join us in transforming healthcare through telehealth!

South Coast Behavioral Health | May 2017 - Feb 2018

Google G-Suite - Kipu Super Admin

Responsible for ensuring HIPAA compliance and enforcing systems security. .Google G Suite for business .Support KIPU Medical Record best practices.

Bitcoin Inc. | Jul 2016 - Present

Blockchain Consultant - On-chain Analyst

On-chain analysis is an emerging field that involves examining the fundamentals, utility, and transaction activity of a cryptocurrency and its blockchain data. On-chain analysts attempt to improve their understanding of a network in order to predict future price movements through analyzing a variety of metrics.

CES - Controlled Event Solution UK | Nov 2012 - Jun 2016

Operation Manager Brazil

Security Project for World Cup 2014 and Olympics 2016. Stewards certification through online training, certified by FIFA.

Fundacentro - Ministério do Trabalho e Emprego | Aug 2013 - Mar 2015

Ass.de Gestão em Inovação Tecnológica, Estratégias e Desenvolvimento

Management and Development / Project Strategies in Technological Innovation for Health and Safety at Work environment. Gestão e Desenvolvimento/Estratégias de Projetos em Inovação Tecnológica para Saúde e Segurança no ambiente de Trabalho.

Clube de Regatas do Flamengo | Jan 2010 - Jan 2013

Director / Plubic Relations

Director of Fla-Gavea Public relations representation for International Sports events. 2011 President Barack Obama visit to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. . Representing Clube de Regatas do Flamengo 2010-2012 Working with Clube de Regatas do Flamengo and The US Olympic Committee to prepare and improve Flamengo's training facilities that the US will use during the Olympics and Paralympics. 2012- Represent Flamengo with The British Consulate. 2012 - Represent Flamengo with an official delegation of the German Football Team.

XXIII - Regional Administration - Santa Teresa - Rio de Janeiro City | Feb 2009 - Jul 2011

Regional Administrator

In charge of public services representing the mayor's office and other important departments of the government - Santa Teresa - Rio de Janeiro

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Registered Alcohol and Drug Technician, Addiction Prevention and TreatmentCCAPP | 2020
Google Services for Business - Deployment Specialist , Cloud Computer ServicesGoogle G Suite | 2017
Professional Coach, SoccerABTF- Associacao Brasileira de Treinadores de Futebol | 2012
Record Engineer, Media Production & TechnologyUniversity of California, Los Angeles | 2008
Segundo Grau - Completo CEL - RIO | 1995

About Me

Fabio Vinelli

With over a decade of experience, I specialize in healthcare technology, data analysis, and blockchain consultancy. My work includes implementing AI-augmented solutions and telehealth innovations to enhance healthcare delivery.

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