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Vladislav Finogeev

Vladislav Finogeev

Product analyst



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Introduction to SQL

Data storyteller, crafting compelling narratives through the language of numbers.

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Introduction to SQL


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Joining Data in SQL

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Bonnie & Slide Advanced technics with PowerPoint

Udemy Tableau 2024 A-Z

Udemy Complete python guide: from novice to pro

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ReasonLabs | Jun 2023 - Present

Product Analyst


VTB | Sep 2021 - May 2023

Product owner / Senior Analyst

1. Managed a cross-functional team of 8-11, overseeing project alignment with strategic goals. 2. Conducted economic impact analysis to optimize department resources and strategies. 3. Designed a SQL and Python-based profiling system for sales personnel, enhancing decision accuracy. 4. Developed a performance management model with four key drivers, boosting productivity and outcomes. 5. Implemented efficiency optimization tasks, improving operational productivity. 6. Led sales potential management system development, refining sales processes with data analytics.
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VTB | Feb 2021 - Sep 2021

Senior Analyst / CJE, Retail Sales Department

1. Led the development and execution of a sales potential management system, driving data-driven decisions and sales optimization. 2. Enhanced data model for improved performance tracking, aligning with organizational goals. 3. Introduced a new metric for sales time optimization, refining team time management. 4. Evaluated and refined a motivation system for sales staff, boosting sales performance. 5. Developed a Power BI dashboard for real-time operational insights and strategic management.

Gazprombank | Oct 2018 - Feb 2021

Senior Analyst, Retail Sales Department

1. Developed a staffing methodology using PostgreSQL to optimize retail network efficiency and reduce costs. 2. Created a Python model for workforce optimization, enhancing productivity and performance. 3. Led the design and implementation of a motivation system for sales staff, improving morale and sales. 4. Technical expertise in Python, SQL, PowerPoint, and Excel for data analysis and presentation.

Sberbank | May 2017 - Oct 2018

Senior Financial Analyst, Wealth Management

1. Led management reporting for Wealth Management, enhancing strategic decisions. 2. Making and calculating KPIs and their methodology for the top and middle management of Wealth management 3. Utilized analytics for a fair bonus system based on employee goal fulfillment. 4. Provided ad-hoc analyses and regular reports for executive strategic and operational requests

Sberbank | Aug 2013 - Jan 2017

Lead Financial Analyst, Planning and Forecasting Department

1. Drove strategic financial initiatives, enhancing branch recognition and success. 2. Awarded "Best by Profession" as the top financier of the Moscow branch in 2016 3. Developed key financial forecasts and business plans, influencing strategic decisions. 4. Streamlined financial planning processes, aligning with corporate goals. 5. Delivered impactful analytical reports and presentations for executive decision-making.

Orient express Bank | Sep 2012 - Aug 2013

Lead Analyst, Telephone Sales Department

1. Built and led a 5-member analytics team in the Telephone Sales Department, boosting productivity and performance. 2. Innovated a motivation system for call center staff, enhancing satisfaction and performance. 3. Produced key monthly and weekly reports for senior management and budgeting 4. Optimized call center operations and shift scheduling, improving efficiency and service. 5. Improved sales funnel design for calling campaigns, increasing conversions and sales.

My Education

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Bachelor degree, Management in EconomicsKhabarovsk State University of Economics and Law | 2012

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Vladislav Finogeev

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