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Algorithmic artist, painting vibrant pictures with lines of code.

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Salesforce | Jan 2020 - Present

Principal Engineer MC-Data-Science

Time series anomaly detectors, and more anomaly detectors, and then a whole AIOps of anomaly detectors! Lots of Python and lots of Splunk.
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Salesforce | Oct 2012 - Jan 2020

Principal Engineer Messaging R&D

Development of messaging services software. Participated in design of new Guide language. Built a server side LINQable HTML/CSS/Custom Content Browser/DOM. Designed and built a bounced emails categorization server with integrated flexible rules engine. Designed and built an ESMTP server with integrated flexible rules engine for filtering, routing, etc. Designed and built a application host server with integrated server clustering, intercluster router, and flexible rules engine. Designed and built an anomaly detector in Splunk spanning several thousand KPIs and several data centers.

Centric Consulting | Jan 2008 - Oct 2012

Independant Contractor

Built custom software solutions for ExactTarget (bought by Salesforce) customers for a year then moved to the Audience Builder team for the ExactTarget Data department where I helped create the Audience Builder application for the next three years.

ExactTarget | Jan 2008 - Oct 2012

Software Engineer - Centric Contractor

Completed various service engagements with large ET customers for the first year. Then for the last few years been working on a project called Audience Builder that has a browser front end, .Net + SQL Server middle tier, and a Netezza backend.

Finance Profit Center | Nov 2003 - Jan 2007

Project Manager / Software Engineer

Here I have worked with the developers on staff to design and build several Visual Basic and C# Windows and Web (ASP and ASP.NET) applications. Some examples of applications I have designed and built here include a VB app that plays Flash Movies in a kiosk mode and video records/burns to CD the salesman’s session with the customers, An upload/video conversion app that converts recorded videos to a streaming format then uploads them to a video server, a video server monitor that watches for incoming videos and XML files and imports them into the video server and database, touch screen browser based data entry and reporting tools, browser based financial calculations applications, etc. After the initial design and development of these applications I worked with the owner and managed the developers to guide them through the process of building highly available networking, security, server clustering, installs, distribution issues, as well as making changes to the applications and redistributing them. Wrote a Visual Basic software package initially and then later converted all their old software to .Net C#. I have brought my background in distributed systems and high end Microsoft technologies to this small company to give it an edge against its competitors. From video recording/uploading and streaming over the Internet to business management software that uses SQL Server as a backend and runs over the Internet using .Net Deployment and binary HTTP web services, FPC has been taken from a one product VB6 app company to a company sporting a suite of apps written mostly in C#. During August and September of 2003 I upgraded the .Net system to use an Application Center cluster as well as a custom clustering system for SQL Server. This was done to handle a large number of customers. In addition features were added to provide “utility computing” services to make it easy to allow customers to “rent” software off the cluster.

Siligi Inc. | Feb 2002 - Feb 2003

Software Engineer

Wrote a distributed Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) / COM+ / ASP / MS SQL /VB6 /C#.Net application as a pilot for a larger document management system for RedstoneArmyTestingCenter and WhiteSandsMissileRange. The application allows documents of any type to be uploaded through a browser to a file store and link it to one or more database tables along with various metadata used in the weapons tests. In addition all searches are distributed across all test sites via XML/RDS where that sites local database is searched for matches before the results are sent back to the originating web server and reassembled into a single result set.

Centillion Digital | Dec 2000 - Jan 2002

Software Engineer

Here I rewrote a software package that was originally written in ASP/VB/ C++ by a Swedish company. This software package provides the ability for companies to scan invoices into PDFs and capture key information into the database. From here the application provides a routing and approval mechanism with a flexible business rule system that allows any competent ActiveX script developer to completely customize the rules that determine the routing paths and the approval restraints. The final output is an archive of all invoices and a data export for consumption by external accounting systems. The technologies I have used in this rewrite are VB (a backend NT service), and ASP (interface and other data interface code), and SQL Server (triggers, stored procs, etcs.) In addition I have worked on updating the original C++ code that is being used in other products.

Genesis Digital Media (Galaxy Online) | Jul 2000 - Dec 2000

Software Engineer

I worked on websites developed as intranets, ISP signup/billing/LDAP authentication websites, and dynamic news feeds. Had worked on integration between Microsoft IIS ASP website to an Oracle database. I had worked on Thomson Electronics international B-to-B web driven service center, I worked on the auto signup/billing/authentication/etc. for www.galaxyinternet.net an ISP.

Broadwing IT | Jan 2000 - Jul 2000

Software Engineer

I worked on several websites developed as intranets, intranet/digital dashboards (Tahoe), e-commerce websites, ISP signup/billing/LDAP authentication websites, web driven newsgroup using MSExchange backend, COM queue engine written in VB and using MS SQL Server 7. I built the new www.atomicdogpublishing.com site. All of my sites are dynamic and database driven because this is my specialty since I come from a VB database application background.

Eclectica Technologies, Inc. | Jan 1999 - Jan 2000

Software Engineer

At Eclectica I wrote a software development and maintenance product, a Windows DNA application using Visual Basic, MS SQL Server, MS Transaction Server, MS IIS, etc… I also administered the Windows NT network. The application was a software development and maintenance system. It used ADO/RDS to communicate over the Internet with a SQL Server going through business objects hosted on a MS Transaction server.

Indiana Gaming Commission | Jun 1998 - Dec 1998

Software Engineer

Here I wrote a Visual Basic application with a centralized MS SQL Server at the Indianapolis HQ that all police officers at all casinos around Indiana use to enter new employee information, create FBI background investigation forms, as well as create and track fees associated with employee security cards. The front end was written in VB and used RDO to communicate with the SQL Server.

Indiana Department of Corrections & Prosecutors Software Inc. | Jan 1997 - Dec 1998

Software Engineer

Wrote a Visual Basic database management application (Community Corrections Information System) to allow several of Indiana’s counties to keep track of their community corrections offenders and send reports to the state. A friend of mine, that I trained to program in Visual Basic, and I worked on these projects.

Indiana Trial Lawyer's Association | Jan 1998 - May 1998

Software Engineer

I created a Website used to allow attorneys to do searches through Indiana’s trial lawyer cases. I used MS Front Page on this site.

Public Affairs Resources, Inc. | Aug 1997 - Apr 1998

Software Engineer

At PAR I wrote several Visual Basic and Visual Objects applications including employee project tracking software for Sprint and a Visual Basic/Website data collection and data reporting tool for legislative law tracking. The legislative law tracking software used a Visual Basic front end where the users entered data into a Jet database. Then various companies around the country would login at the Website and use the web interface to run queries against this Jet database to find out what bills were in what stages in particular states or in the U.S. Congress. The tools I used here are MS Access, MS Visual Basic, and Visual Objects. The Visual Objects application was an app that was already written as a 16bit application by another developer, but I upgraded this app to a 32bit version. The application that was written for Sprint was a simple Visual Basic front end that stored all of it’s data in a Jet database. This Sprint app tracked the various public relations events that the employees volunteered their time at and how much time was volunteered by whom.

Lacey, O'Mahoney, Mahoney, King, & McCann | Jan 1995 - Dec 1997

Computer Technician

The tools I used here were Novell 3.12 and various CDROM server based lawyer information software.

Chancellor's Learning Systems, Inc. | Jan 1996 - Jan 1997

Software Engineer

At CLS I wrote a sales automation, a seminar reservation, and shipping system in MS Access running against a Microsoft SQL Server. Also I served as the local network administrator for Novell and Microsoft NT. In addition I used SQL Server to import and massage data from various lead lists from various state nursing organizations into a single SQL Server database where we could query for leads in certain areas of the country and then send the data off to printers to print various marketing material. The tools I used here are MS Access and MS Visual Basic.

Allison Business Software, Inc. | Jan 1994 - Jan 1995

Computer Technician

Here I wrote database management software and a software demo application. In addition I performed computer technician services for ~70% of the automotive body shops in Indiana and Kentucky for Mitchell International, the leader in automotive body shop software. The tools I used here are MS Access, MS Visual C++, and MS Visual Basic. I used MS Access and Visual Basic to write a DBMS application to track various information for prosecutors in Howard county. I used VC++ to create a program that would capture mouse and keyboard inputs and play them back to demo various aspects of the software that we sold.

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Self-taught in Self-taughtSelf-taught | 2022

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Gerald Gibson

Started writing code when I was 10 years old. Have been making software professionally for about 30 years. Now my next life goal is to master machine learning and apply extreme automation to it in the most high tech team I can get my hands on.

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