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Haidar Jomaa

Haidar Jomaa



Lebanese University


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My New Course

Supervised Learning with scikit-learn

My New Project

Classify Song Genres from Audio Data

Problem-solving virtuoso, decoding complexity with a data-driven approach.

My Work

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Introduction to Deep Learning in Python


Supervised Learning with scikit-learn


Classify Song Genres from Audio Data


Predicting Credit Card Approvals


Intermediate Python

My Certifications

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AI Fundamentals

AI Fundamentals

DataCamp Course Completion

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My Work Experience

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Ministry of Labor | Jul 2023 - Sep 2023

Software Developer

Developing a Document Management System (DMS) for the Ministry of Labor provided hands-on experience in translating complex requirements into practical software solutions. This experience enhanced my problem-solving skills and honed my ability to bridge theoretical knowledge with real-world applications, showcasing the power of technology in streamlining processes.
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Freelance | Apr 2023 - Present


Accepted by 2 coding academies to instruct students, including international participants, while also granted autonomy in shaping subject content and progression. Providing personalized guidance to second-year students, particularly focusing on exam preparation in subjects such as Data Structures, Operating Systems, C Programming, Java OOP, Network and so on. Conducting interactive remote sessions via Teams and Zoom, tailoring teaching methods to individual preferences and facilitating seamless communication and understanding.

My Education

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Bachelor's degree, Computer ScienceLebanese University | 2024

About Me

Haidar Jomaa

AI enthusiast going into my senior year, looking for internships in AI/ML/DL

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