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Hamza Khan

PhD Student

Hasselt University / Maastricht University | Brussels, Belgium


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Hasselt University & Maastricht University | Sep 2020 - Present

PhD Researcher

Led and contributed to a series of innovative projects at the intersection of medical imaging, data science, and machine learning, with significant implications for healthcare analytics and patient care. Some of the main tasks performed during the PhD included: • Multi-Centric Study Management: Directed a groundbreaking evoked potential study across Flanders' Multiple Sclerosis centres, enhancing data harmonisation and preprocessing protocols to integrate diverse datasets from multiple sources effectively. • Data Integration & ETL Development: In collaboration with an SME, engineered a sophisticated ETL pipeline using Python to transform heterogeneous clinical data into a standardised OMOP CDM format, significantly improving data usability for analytical purposes. This initiative culminated in a well-received workshop at the AI4Imaging course, attended by AI professionals from both academia and industry globally. • Advanced Imaging Techniques: Pioneered a super-resolution reconstruction pipeline in partnership with UAntwerpen's vision lab, IMEC, and ICOMETRIX. This project transformed low-quality MRI data into high-definition images suitable for detailed analysis, leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning techniques. • Data Harmonization: Developed and applied an innovative extension to the COMBAT algorithm, addressing variability in MRI data due to differences in magnetic fields and temporal factors across datasets from Belgium and the Netherlands. • Predictive Modeling: Utilized high-dimensional features extracted from MRI images and evoked potential time series to build complex machine learning and deep learning models. These models successfully predicted disability progression in MS patients, showcasing the potential of AI in personalised medicine. • Flanders AI Research Program Leadership: Spearheaded Proof-of-Concept 3 within the MS use case, demonstrating exceptional project management and cross-disciplinary collaboration skills. • Data Anonymization and Publication: Played a crucial role in the COVID-19 in MS Global Data Sharing Initiative, implementing data anonymisation techniques and contributing to an open-source dataset that supported a publication in Nature. • Innovative Segmentation Techniques: Collaborated with Maastricht University Hospital (MUMC+) to implement a cutting-edge segmentation pipeline for Diabetes MRI analysis, utilising NN-Unet and Pyspark, setting a new standard in medical imaging analysis. • Academic Contributions and Mentorship: Actively engaged in grant writing for Horizon Europe, presented at numerous international conferences, and mentored five senior master's students, underscoring my commitment to academic excellence and leadership in the scientific community.
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Tilburg University | Feb 2020 - Jun 2020

Course Instructor / Teaching Assistant in Autonomous Systems

Autonomous Systems is a course offered to the bachelor students for Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence and pre-master students for Data Science and Society. As part of the course, prepared a framework for assignments in cognitive robotics, assisted students with their practical tasks by troubleshooting the robot programming via Choregraphe, robotjumpstarter, MSDOS, and Terminal MacOS via Python 2.7 as well as provided feedback to the students' course work and assignments.

IOM - UN Migration | Aug 2018 - Apr 2019


Migration Health Division at the Regional Office for EU, EEA and NATO at the International Organization for Migration Contributed to the management and administration of IOM projects coordinated by the Migration Health Division (ePHR, Re-Health2), with the broader goal of promoting a public health approach to migrants and minorities, e-health and contributing to the physical, mental and social well-being of migrants, enabling them and their host communities to achieve social and economic development. Responsible for monitoring the EU reports and policies in the area of migration health and migration management, data collection and analysis, in order to inform the Division’s fundraising strategy. Supported the development of new project proposals as well as outreach to potential donors. Tasked with organising trainings for social workers, healthcare and law enforcement professionals in the area of migration health (CDs & NCDs, intercultural communication and GBV). Responsible for developing e-learning modules within my area of expertise (epidemiology, migration health). Assisted the EU Member States to provide healthcare to migrants and refugees in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and the European Commission's Agenda on Migration and the action plan on the integration of third-country nationals.

University of Eastern Finland, Syketta | Sep 2017 - May 2018

Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Assisted customers of the Sykettä Sport Centre in attaining their personal goals by fitness coaching and providing them with tailored training and diet plans.

Khyber College of Dentistry | Sep 2014 - Sep 2015

House Surgeon

diagnosis, routine check-ups to the treatment and follow up. Actively contributed to the hospital administration and patient management. Gained robust experience in the fields of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Periodontics, Oral Medicine, Paediatric Dentistry, Community Dentistry, Operative Dentistry.


Medical Student Extern

Gained knowledge of the methodology and practical skills required for clinical trials and medical research, including of: health ethics, patient confidentiality and research procedures.

University of Louisville School of Dentistry | Jun 2013 - Jun 2013

Medical Student Extern

Explored the dental healthcare system of the United States, with an emphasis on patient care, history taking procedures, x-ray techniques, standard procedures for implants, scaling’s, bone grafts and on the knowhow of building a doctor – patient relationship.

My Education

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Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Data Science and Health Sciences (Radiomics and Epomics)Maastricht University | 2024
Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Data Science and Health Sciences (Radiomics and Epomics)UHasselt | 2024
Master's degree, Cognitive Science and Artificial IntelligenceTilburg University | 2020
Master's degree, Public HealthUniversity of Eastern Finland | 2019
Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), General DentistryKhyber College of Dentistry | 2014

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