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Introduction to Python

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Analyzing TV Data

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Python Programmer

Data virtuoso, transforming raw numbers into a masterpiece of understanding.

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Python Programmer


Python Data Science Toolbox (Part 1)


Analyzing unicorn company data


Investigating Netflix Movies and Guest Stars in The Office


Data Analyst Associate


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Data Analyst Associate

Data Analyst Associate

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Google Google UI UX Design 2023

PMI Project management Foundations 2019

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e-Biz Solopreneur Solutions | May 2023 - Present


- Lead writer and community manager for "e-Biz Solopreneur Solutions," a highly regarded weekly newsletter with a new target 1000+ subscribers. - Research and curate actionable ideas, strategies, and insights to help individuals launch, grow, and monetize their one-person internet businesses. - Craft engaging and informative newsletter content, including articles, case studies, and practical tips, delivered every Saturday morning to the community. - Cultivate a vibrant and interactive community of solopreneurs through regular engagement, discussion forums, and Q&A sessions, fostering a sense of support and collaboration. - Utilize email marketing platforms to manage subscriber lists, track engagement metrics, and continuously optimize newsletter delivery and open rates. - Collaborate with industry experts and thought leaders to bring diverse perspectives and expertise to the newsletter content, enhancing its value for readers. - Monitor trends and developments in the solopreneurship space, staying updated on emerging strategies, tools, and best practices to provide the most relevant and timely information to the community. - Respond promptly to reader inquiries, feedback, and requests, providing personalized support and guidance to help solopreneurs overcome challenges and achieve their goals. - Analyze readership data, including open rates, click-through rates, and subscriber growth, to measure the impact and success of the newsletter and make data-driven improvements. - Actively promote "e-Biz Solopreneur Solutions" through social media channels, online communities, and collaborations, expanding the reach and visibility of the newsletter.
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PowerGate Group | Sep 2022 - Apr 2023

Sales Team Lead

● Recruited by CEO to Go-to-market in US, APAC markets such Singapore, Thailand, Hongkong, Australia,... ● Researched emerging market trends and customer needs to identify new product opportunities and created a diversified product portfolio. ● Reported to CTO and CEO, and worked closely with Sales Country manager and Director Divisions to follow the deals. ● Developed a comprehensive marketing and sales strategy by collaborating with internal teams, building solid relationships with customers, vendors, and distributors, and analyzing market research to suggest strategies for expanding market research. ● Generated new business opportunities by presenting high-quality proposals for requests for proposals (RFPs) and ensuring timely submission. ● Planed to Collaborate with major industry players, including Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, SAP, MS, Oracle, and local SIs to develop and manage strategic partnerships. ● Developed and maintained sales reports/ P&L/Marketing Plan and forecasts to track progress and identify areas for improvement directly to CEO ● Plan and Recruit and mentor new members of sales professionals to achieve and exceed sales targets. ● Conducted sales training sessions for the sales team to improve their knowledge and skills. ● Developed and delivered persuasive sales presentations to prospective clients. - Published 4 training courses about CRM Training, How To Prospect Like A Pro, Enterprise Sales Training, Project Manager for tech sales, - Training and Account Based Sales in Action; and Business Plan in Sales team.

CMC Global Company Limited. | Dec 2020 - Sep 2022

Senior Account Manager

• Approach C-level prospects in a variety of industries to identify their needs and propose appropriate enterprise management & operation solutions through face-to-face meetings, calling, campaign email marketing,... • Manage sales pipeline, research, create & execute new ways to approach and nurture customers to improve customer experience & conversion rate. • Work with internal and external stakeholders to negotiate prices, contracts and cooperation plans. • Analyst data to forecast and manage sales growth strategies and plans • Maintain accurate client records, keeping track of any contract updates and renewals; • Develop and maintain relationships with existing customers, with 30% revenue coming from up/cross-sales and 10% revenue from customer referral.

Tan Do Refreshing Water Beverage Co.,Ltd | May 2019 - Nov 2020


- Study and custom a data management system from Sales Deputy Manager to better between sales, documents, R&D department, stored on Google Sheet Spread by GAS coding for supporting the Customer’s update easier and faster. - Analyzing monthly keyword data on Alibaba to bulk post and get more inquiry from new customers. - Building an email marketing system to reach customers every month with each specific customer field from by filter data system with different greeting scenario. - Participating in sales strategy discussions, to meet the short- and long-term goals. - Presenting and selling assigned company products and services to current and potential clients from the email marketing, website. - Identifying customer needs and competitor offers through market analysis, ensuring efficient marketing actions and communications demonstrate the value proposition of the products, systems, service and packages. - Supporting the area Sales organization/customers in determining the most technically appropriate and cost-effective solutions and providing technical support, product presentations and product/solution/service-related training.

Dolphin Sea Air Services Corporation | Apr 2018 - May 2019

Sales Executive

-The basic and the most important step is to identify new business opportunities by tapping the potential customers from different areas. -To plan, design, develop and implement different sales activities by researching the customer's needs and requirements -To make sure that the existing clients are retained and maintained while developing the new customers -To ensure that the all the sales and marketing activities are carried out within the agreed budgets, volume, sales, and within the given time scales. -To take initiative and efforts to develop constructive and effective solutions to any issues that slow down or hamper the export procedures and activities -To constantly review distributor's performance and monitor their work, so that relevant information can be provided to the management.

Sacombank | Feb 2016 - Feb 2017

Corporate Customer Relation Officer

- Exploiting the market, setting up and caring potential customers,.. - Setting up Events, as likes MC for the special occasions.. - Introduce, consult products and answer customers' queries via phone and email. - Assist to control goods in and out. Recognition and Gains: - Advertising products of the Company to customers effectively.

My Education

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Bachelor's degree, Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities LawBanking Academy of Vietnam | 2016

About Me

Jack Nguyen

I started challenging myself with an open mind as a tech sales solopreneur. Here skills I should master: - Community building - Content creation - Email marketing - Public speaking - Data Analysis - Copywriting - Psychology - Storytelling - Selling

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