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Intermediate SQL

My New Workspace

Intermediate SQL

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Introduction to SQL


Intermediate SQL


Intermediate SQL

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Beijing CMSC Energy Internet Technology Co.,Ltd. | Feb 2017 - Aug 2018

Senior Human Resources Specialist

- Participated in 3 billion New Energy Internet projects, responsible for coordinating and handling project human resource management. - According to the company's business and development strategy, discussed manpower needs with each department, formed annual reports on the company's manpower needs, and generated relevant manpower cost budget. - Successfully completed recruiting KPIs based on manpower requirements and built three core teams for the Energy Internet project: technical, project and public relations. - Completed monthly payroll accounting through Excel, verified and uploaded to payroll system, accurately paid salaries and benefits on time. - Planned and distributed employee benefits (such as social insurance and provident fund), purchased supplementary medical insurance for employees according to different position levels, and established a strategic partnership with Ping An Insurance Company. - Planned and implemented annual performance appraisal plan and employee incentive policy, which greatly improved project progress. - Responsible for employee onboarding and daily introduction of project related policies. - Revised the terms of employment contracts according to the latest labor laws, updated or terminated relevant employment contracts, signed employee confidentiality agreements, and conducted file management.
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Beijing CMSC Energy Internet Technology Co,. Ltd. | Feb 2017 - Aug 2018

Assistant to General Manager

- Responsible for the general manager's schedule and handled external affairs on behalf of the general manager (e.g. cooperate with the Legal Department to complete the registration of the project company, assist the Brand Promotion Department to design brand promotion materials, etc.) - Communicated and coordinated with departmental leaders, accurately communicated instructions from superiors, and reported feedback to superiors in a clear and timely manner.

Beijing CMSC Energy Internet Technology Co,.Ltd. | Feb 2017 - Aug 2018

Senior Project Assistant

- Maintained relationships with various government departments (e.g. Planning Department, Energy Department, National Grid), followed up on the latest policies and sent daily reports to all internal technical departments. - Coordinated with project and technology departments to prepare project data, produce related reports, and submit project applications, followed up on the approval process. - Participated in the project cost budget and successfully obtained the pre- project funding of nearly RMB 20 million approved by the Group Finance Department. - Provided brand management, event coordination and general administrative support to expand the company's business network. - Responsible for the company's meeting arrangement, management and minutes. - Reasonable prioritization of work.

Meituan | Nov 2015 - Oct 2016

Business Development Consultant

- Actively and automatically pursued sales opportunities from a variety of sources to achieve personal sales and profitability goals, and maintained third party referral sources as appropriate. - Visited existing clients regularly and explored the potential for deeper collaboration. - Completed customer contract procedures, ensured accuracy of contract documents, and tracked progress of advance payments. - Captured the product characteristics and developed exclusive marketing plans for different customers. - Analyzed contextual data (such as revenue, net profit, costs and conversion rates) to optimize and improve marketing programs, and provide professional analysis and conclusions to clients using the Dashboard of Tableau. - Provided exceptional customer service, such as marketing guidance and emergency services, on a daily basis. - Added nearly RMB 4 million per month to the company's online revenue.

The Foxconn Technology Group | Oct 2013 - Jan 2015

Human Resources Planning Team supervisor

- Extensive use of Excel to analyze and organize routine HR data (including job saturation, turnover and attrition rates) for nearly 7,000 people across 7 plants to provide workforce data to support major decisions. - Collected and analyzed annual performance evaluation data, and completed subsequent position promotions and salary adjustments. - Led the Human Resource Recruitment Project, responsible for the entire process from pre-planning (assignment letter, resume screening, interviewer selection and training), to mid-practice (site planning, staffing, interview control), to final summary (project summary report); actually recruited 253 people to meet manpower needs with no idle staff. - Carried out daily recruitment work, responsible for recruitment channel maintenance, daily resume screening, telephone interviews and first round interviews, as well as follow-up interview arrangements for departmental professionals. - Organized recruitment interviewer qualification training program, providing recruitment theory training and interview scenario simulation training for department managers of nearly 20 subsidiaries. - Responsible for the accounting and payment of monthly, quarterly and annual payroll and benefits for nearly 7,000 employees. - Organized and planned events, such as annual pep rallies and year-end parties, and handled any emergencies. - Completed other tasks assigned by superiors, such as overseas travel document processing, employee onboarding arrangement and training, personnel transfer and resignation, etc.

The Foxconn Technology Group | Jul 2013 - Sep 2013

Industrial Engineer

- Made process standardization according to ISO9000 Family. - Designed the process and interface of company’s self-use system.

AVIC International Holding Corporation | Jul 2012 - Aug 2012

Civil Aircraft Sales Intern

- Data collection and analysis on the worlds’ leading aircraft manufacturers as well as their suppliers. - Integrated and summarized monthly and quarterly sales reports.

My Education

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Master's degree in Actuarial ScienceUniversity of Windsor | 2021
Bachelor's degree in Industrial EngineeringShenyang University of Technology | 2013

About Me

Tingting Huang

Data is everywhere, personally I think it is a cool thing to tell stories with data.

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