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Hunain Sajid

Hunain Sajid


Senior Software Engineer



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Software enthusiast, translating data into meaningful insights.

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Introduction to Python


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Retailo Technologies | Jul 2021 - Dec 2022

Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack)

Drove innovation for retailers in the MENAP region by building cutting-edge B2B technologies Highlights: - Designed and implemented a highly efficient pricing engine microservice using Nest.js to store SKU pricing based on customer criteria - Led cross-functional engineering teams to deliver key features and functions, including BNPL, shopping cart experience, and platform optimization - Provided technical expertise to guide software design and development, ensuring best practices and high-quality outcomes - Maintained and updated existing software applications, delivering ongoing improvements to meet changing business needs - Delivered the most effective technical solutions to meet evolving business requirements, using cutting-edge technologies and methodologies - Actively contributed to the development of new features, bug fixes, and improvements, working closely with other engineers to plan and prioritize tasks - Mentored junior engineers and staff across the technology stack, providing training and guidance to help them grow and succeed - Led the development of a comprehensive design system using React (WEB) & React Native, delivering a seamless user experience for customers.
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Trivie | Oct 2021 - May 2022

Senior Frontend Developer

- Built a highly responsive and user-friendly interface for an edtech platform using React and React Native technologies - Designed and developed visually appealing and interactive mockups and prototypes within tight deadlines - Collaborated with the back-end development team and QA team to ensure seamless integration, efficient debugging, and effective test case creation - Implemented cross-browser compatibility, ensuring that the interface is visually consistent across different devices and browsers - Maintained the brand's visual identity and graphic standards throughout the product's interface - Conducted frontend unit testing to ensure high-quality and reliable code execution - Adhered to best practices of reusable coding, scalable architecture development, and functional requirement specification to ensure long-term sustainability and scalability.

Creative Chaos | Jul 2020 - Jul 2021

Full Stack Engineer

As a Full Stack Developer, I played a crucial role in developing and implementing the latest user-facing features for a variety of web applications. My main responsibilities included: - Crafting and executing frontend architecture using React.js, TypeScript, and Redux.js - Writing clean, functional code for both front and backend using JavaScript and Express.js - Contributing to the definition, development, and objectives of the project dashboard, while building reusable components and front-end libraries for future use - Gaining a deep understanding of user interactions through conducting thorough research and testing - Translating complex designs and wireframes into high-quality, optimized code for maximum performance across various devices and browsers - Implementing responsive and user-friendly interfaces, ensuring the feasibility of UI/UX designs - Analyzing code, requirements, system risks, and software reliability to provide timely modifications and improvements to the application - Working with a team of developers to deliver exceptional results, collaborating on large-scale edTech web applications

Arbisoft | Dec 2019 - Aug 2020

Software Engineer

As a product engineer, I was responsible for driving the success of web and mobile applications by: - Collaborating with the development team to ideate and implement user- centered designs. - Reviewing project requirements and evaluating interface designs for feasibility and user experience. - Developing and implementing highly responsive user interface components using React concepts and JavaScript. - Debugging and troubleshooting software to ensure optimal performance. - Building sustainable and future-proof front-end architecture. - Evaluating and modifying designs and specifications to meet the needs of complex applications. - Analyzing code, requirements, and software reliability to identify risks and ensure quality. - Monitoring and continuously improving front-end performance.

iPlex Pvt Ltd. | Sep 2018 - Dec 2019

Full Stack Engineer

As a full-stack developer with expertise in React and Node, I was one of the lead developers in a dynamic team of professionals working on large-scale edTech web applications. I was responsible for: - Driving project success by estimating effort, refining the product roadmap, and monitoring progress. Ensuring seamless code delivery through maintenance of production CI/CD environments and repositories. - Elevating user experience through the development and implementation of cutting-edge front-end architecture and responsive UI components using React. - Crafting high-quality code using JavaScript and React.js workflows. - Debugging and troubleshooting software to ensure optimal performance. - Ensuring seamless deployment and maintenance of software in cloud environments including Heroku, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Cubix, Inc | Nov 2017 - Aug 2018

Associate Software Engineer

“Collaborated in a team-focused environment in pursuit of developing  best mobile game experience to be played worldwide ”  - Developed a mobile game project in Unity 3D that was a 2D  platformer game named TimeForge, A run and gun 2d platformer mobile game available on the google play store. It has multiple features with rich gameplay and equally appealing visuals. - Worked on different modules e.g NPC AI, Character  Controllers, inventory, leaderboard, Facebook app invites and mobile ads, etc.  - Worked on Gamesparks that is a backend service for games. Got hands-on experience with cloud code in  Javascript for handling APIs properly. - Crafted a tool for proper annotation of images that was required for a project that improved the performance of this task 5x times as compared to manual performance.  - Created a battle particle system in a card-based online multiplayer game.  - Performed unit testing on different modules of multiple projects and assisted senior developers in delivering build.  - Maintained versioning of the projects and build release cycle for  IOS and Android mobile platforms.   - Actively participated in Scrum meetings to make sure all the members are on the same page and to resolve any dependencies from either side.

My Education

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Bachelor of Science (BS), Computer ScienceNational University of Computer and Emerging Sciences | 2017
Intermediate, Computer ScienceDG School & College (BISE DG KHAN) | 2012

About Me

Hunain Sajid

A seasoned software engineer having expertise in full stack and cross-mobile software development. Currently, brushing up on my data skills to pursue a career in AI applications as a machine learning engineer.

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