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Jacopo Kahl

Jacopo Kahl

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Investigating Netflix Movies and Guest Stars in The Office

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Introduction to Python

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Investigating Netflix Movies and Guest Stars in The Office

Quantitative pioneer, venturing into unexplored territories of data exploration.

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Introduction to SQL


Introduction to Python


Investigating Netflix Movies and Guest Stars in The Office

My Certifications

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Other Certificates

Udemy Learn Object Oriented PHP By Building a Complete Website

Udemy Ultimate Adobe Photoshop Training: From Beginner to Pro

Udemy Python 3.11 Guida Completa: da Principiante a Esperto

Tealium Tealium iQ Basic Training

freeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design

Udemy Mastering Regular Expressions in JavaScript

Udemy The Complete JavaScript Course 2023: From Zero to Expert!

Udemy Master Google Analytics 4 Reports and GTM Basics in 2022

Udemy API and Web Service Introduction

Observepoint ObservePoint Professional Certification

Udemy Advanced Google Analytics 4 Implementation with Tag Manager

Udemy Master Google Tag Manager: Go From Beginner to Advanced

Udemy Google Analytics 4 for Mobile Applications

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My Work Experience

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BitBang | Jun 2021 - Present

Digital Analytics Developer | Data Collection | Data Quality

I am part of the data collection and tracking code implementation team. I analyze business requirements and create tracking to collect data useful for analyzing business performance, advertising campaigns and privacy consent management. I also perform data quality checks. - Track creation through Javascript - Reverse engineering to detect bugs on the tracings - Logic management implementation of single page application traces - Drafting manuals for implementation of tracements - Data quality check
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Cogefrin Spa | Dec 2020 - Jun 2021

Web Developer

For the Cogefrinstore.com e-commerce project, the client required the ability to maximize sales through a migration from WooCommerce to Prestashop, with automated processes designed to improve purchase flow management to optimize sales processes. Project Goals: -Migration from WooCommerce to Prestashop Theme optimization; -UX/UI optimization to speed up product purchase flow; -Automated import of external vendor files; -SEO optimization; -Improved website display on tablet and mobile side; -Optimized shopping cart management.

Culligan Italiana S.p.A. | Jun 2019 - Aug 2020

Front End Developer

-User Experience Design - Design development for Web sites, e-mail campaigns, display, social banners, applications and other digital platforms within the company. - Design, management and optimization of digital assets for lead generation (e.g., landing pages, DEMs, etc.) - CRO activities on digital assets - A/B testing and Usability testing - Use of Google tools (Analytics, Tag Manager, Cloud, Optimize) - Marketing Automation (Salesforce Marketing Cloud)

Horus Sport S.r.l | Sep 2018 - Mar 2019

Web Developer

Stellanation is a Basketball sports association based in Rome. For the Stellanation portal, I was requested to have an integrated eCommerce system that would allow players to book their own trainings. Skill Trainings: Individual trainings are managed through an online booking system that, thanks to a calendar, allows players to buy a time slot in which to train. For each type of training there is a system that manages orders and allows you to pay directly online (through Paypal). Subscriptions: The subscription system allows for subscription purchases to available workouts. The system has the option of enabling automatic renewal or expiration at the end of the billing (monthly - quarterly etc..). Design: I followed the Stellanation© brand identity, using only two main colors: white and black. The animations on the portal serve to make it stimulating to use, highlighting the most important services offered. Usability: A parallel study was carried out to make the portal usable on multiple devices, keeping alive the concept of simplicity. All larger files were compressed in order to maintain high performance regarding page loading speed. - Graphic design creation through evolutionary prototype - Wordpress CMS modifications, integration with WooCommerce - Design implementation on Wordpress through the development environment Ark - Installation of necessary plugins such as booking calendar - Modifying CSS code through Wordpress editor - Editing .po files for Italian language translations - Pagination and content uploading - Loading products - Tutorials to insiders - Inserting additional javascript code for monitoring: heatmap, google analytics, managing site popups and slideshows - Maintenance

Arcobaleno Pubblicita’ del Dott. Cosimo Sgobba | Feb 2018 - Mar 2019

Web Developer

The agency required an update of its portal dedicated to the Bologna Guide. Upgrade that required switching from Joomla platform to WordPress. Major updates were made to the portal at the structure level and the possibility was given to make it multi-language (available in Italian, English and Russian). Improvements were also made at the level of "responsive" layout, taking care of the aspects of display on different devices. - Transition from Joomla to Wordpress with content migration - Graphics implementation through the help of Ark - Graphic design through evolutionary prototypes with a mobile first perspective - Implementation system for the management of foreign languages - Creation of Post Type and related layouts customized according to business activities - Substantial changes to style sheets - Preparation of content to the different languages of the site

Freelance | Jul 2017 - Mar 2019

Front End Developer


Arcobaleno Pubblicita’ del Dott. Cosimo Sgobba | May 2017 - Mar 2019

Web Developer

The agency required updating its portal on Bologna's "Promoguida" neighborhoods. Upgrade that required switching from Joomla platform to WordPress. In addition, performance was optimized through the creation of an events calendar capable of managing the inclusion of events related to the city of Bologna and a map with the commercial activities partners of the website. Improvements were also made at the level of "responsive" layout, taking care of the aspects of visualization on different devices. The Website has been integrated with an app available for both Android and iOS. - Transition from Joomla to Wordpress - HTML, Css, Javascript and PHP changes - SEO optimization activities - Content uploading - Webmaster activities with: portal management, article writing, social management (Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter) - Conception and implementation of new business development opportunities such as creation of advertising space online

My Education

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Laurea Magistrale LM in scienze e tecnologie informatiche, TecnologieUniversità degli Studi di Udine

About Me

Jacopo Kahl

Hi. My name is Jacopo, I work in the field of Digital Analytics and I'm in charge of the implementation of tracking for data collection from websites and apps. I analyze business requirements and create tracings to collect useful data.

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