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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH


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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH | Jul 2022 - Present

Technical Adviser - Sustainable Solid Waste Management and Circular Economy

One of the four areas of intervention of 3RproMar is implementation of pilot projects in selected communities along the value chain at the national level, ranging from sustainable consumption to enhanced waste collection and recycling. My main focus is this area, particularly the implementation of project activities in the pilot (Province of Guimaras). To further gain lessons and find best practices that can potentially be scaled and replicated, as well as identify a rapid set of criteria in identifying positive deviants (positive outliers), I also conduct a sub-study focusing in selected LGUs and communities. Other tasks performed for the project are monitoring and evaluation, data processing and analysis, report writing, and coordinating with partner agencies and stakeholders in the government, private sector, non-government organisations, academe, research institution, and development agencies.
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Asian Development Bank (ADB) | Sep 2021 - Apr 2022

Data Analyst (National Consultant)

The study is ADB’s first in terms of support for MSWM sector in Asia and the Pacific after the launch of Strategy 2030. It will build on other pertinent ADB studies in MSWM sector, and perform a diagnosis based on ADB portfolio review, group meetings and interviews assisted by literature review, to prove or disapprove the hypothesis of the study, discover other reasons and gain insights. This will be very useful in informing ADB for developing an investment strategy and program, framed by conventional hierarchy/chain of measures from waste generation/reduction up to waste reuse/disposal.

Liss Zobel, Valencia CPA | Jul 2021 - Dec 2021

Member - Board of Directors


Blockchain PI Co. | Jan 2018 - Dec 2021

Advisory Board Chair/Research Associate

As Advisory Board Chair of Blockchain-Pi Co., my functions and visions are aligned to the following tenet missions of the Company: a. Create an enterprise grade, open-source distributed ledger framework and code base, upon which users can build and run robust, social, accounting, and industry-specific applications, platforms and hardware systems to support DAO transactions. b. Create an open, technical community that will benefit the ecosystem of the evolving Blockchain and AI solution providers and users; focus on blockchain and shared ledger use cases that will work across a variety of industry solutions, including cybersecurity, enterprise security, apps, SDK, and cyber security for public access networks systems; and provide table for discussions of end-to-end security solutions that relates to blockchain ecosystems, from financial transactions, complex trading securities, ICO launches to fostering cryptocurrencies solutions. c. Promote participation of leading members of the Blockchain and AI ecosystem, including developers, service and solution providers, and end- users; and d. Host the infrastructure for Blockchain Distributive ledger protocols, establishing a neutral home for community infrastructure, meetings, events and collaborative discussions, and providing structure around social good for communities, business and technical governance of Blockchain distributive system.

Blockchain Pi Inc (Asia) | Jan 2018 - Dec 2021

Co-Founder/Managing Director/Chief Research Officer

Guided by the goal of promoting, advocating, building, educating, exploring, and nurturing Blockchain and AI technologies for social good, we at Blockchain Pi, Inc. are always on the search, research and experimentation of projects and innovative endeavors that will provide solutions to problems in sectors of Finance and Accounting, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Science, Health and Education, and Government and Administration, particularly targeting limitations in security of information, convenience of transactions, fairness and equality, environment and sustainability, and improvement of quality of life. We are building partnerships with the Academe, private and public institutions, and members of the business sector, to become an instrumental entity in promoting the growth of Blockchain and AI technology in the region.

Orient Integrated Development Consultants Inc. | Jun 2018 - Dec 2020

GIS Analyst/Researcher

Technical Assistant for Solid Waste Management and Water Quality improvement themes • GIS Lead in Data Analysis and Processing • Overall Project Support ❖ Played the larger role in data sourcing, collection, analysis, and processing to generate vector and raster files and produce maps, tables, and figures needed for the Manila Bay Atlas and all report deliverables. ❖ Assisted experts in Solid Waste Management and Water Quality Improvement themes of the Manila Bay Masterplan, in both administrative and technical capacities, to generate the list of Projects, Activities, and Programs (PAPs) and perform GAP Analysis that will guide PAP validation activities ❖ Collaborated within a multidisciplinary team of experts in DRR-CCA, PPP, policy, traffic management, hydrology, infrastructure, and environmental engineering to design and finalize indicators, measures, and project items of the MBSDMP ❖ Coordinated with respective stakeholders related to project activities and requirements (i.e., data gathering, spearheading focused group discussions, validation of PAPs), particularly those focused on Solid Waste Management and Water Quality

Woodfields Consultants, Inc. | Apr 2017 - Dec 2018

GIS Analyst/Researcher

GIS Lead in Data Analysis and Processing • Overall Project Support for preparation of all deliverables ❖ Generated maps from GPS tracks and routes taken from ground surveys ❖ Assisted in the formulation of Infrastructure Master Plan ❖ Prepared all technical reports deliverables

Local Government of Mexico, Pampanga | Aug 2017 - Sep 2018

GIS Specialist/Planner

Technical Consultant for GIS-guided land use planning • Spatial Analyst • Data Manager and Analyst • Lead – Preparation of CDRA ❖ Worked as the main project support to Team Leader in completing Updated Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP), and the main preparer of the Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment (CDRA) from start to finish ❖ Conducted remote sensing vis-à-vis ground validation, surveys, and key informant interviews (KIIs) to generate land use geodatabases ❖ Used GIS spatial mapping and analysis for baseline study, data analysis of socio-economic components (population, livelihood, etc.) and flooding impacts, and land use planning ❖ Created, managed, and updated geodatabases using raw, non-vector files and data from LGU, and ensured all files delivered are accurate ❖ Prepared the current and proposed land use maps, and all maps required in CDRA ❖ Accomplished all written documentations/report deliverables and other mapping tasks

Woodfields Consultants, Inc | Feb 2017 - Sep 2017

Environmental Engineer/Water Modelling Analyst

Hydrodynamics simulation • GIS Specialist ❖ Conducted field surveys and gathered data crucial to the conduct of Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code (EFDC) Simulation, a multifunctional surface water modeling system used to simulate aquatic systems in one, two, and three dimensions ❖ Performed the EFDC simulations to generate the hydrodynamics and calculate highest wave height in the study site ❖ Conducted analysis of flow movement and blockage based on spatial and environmental characteristics of flood control systems that are relevant to the study site ❖ Generated maps and prepared the technical report of the process

Woodfields Consultants Inc | Apr 2016 - Dec 2016

Project Assistant/GIS Analyst/Research Associate

Geoprocessing support • Researcher and writer ❖ Processed acquired road data from firsthand route-tracking and geotagging tasks in the project’s web-based platform, and generated comprehensive road maps of municipalities chosen as pilot areas ❖ Prepared all written output/deliverable for the project

Woodfields Consultants Inc./DPWH - ARMM | Jan 2016 - Dec 2016

GIS Analyst/Technical Researcher/Project Assistant

Geoprocessing support • Researcher and writer • Overall Project Support ❖ Performed geoprocessing tasks crucial to the system infrastructure of e-ARMM, a powerful and publicly accessible online repository of information on BARMM’s infrastructure projects ❖ Conducted research on available road data ❖ Produced base maps from collected data to be used as tools for surveys

Philkoei International, Inc. | Mar 2015 - Jun 2015

Environmental/Community Relations Specialist

GIS Specialist • Field Assistant on Watershed Assessment ❖ Conducted research on required data from government and private sources ❖ Documented meetings/consultations with stakeholders ❖ Performed ground validation for watershed assessment ❖ Identified issues and activities in lowland and upland portions of watershed that pose adverse impacts to the environment, particularly in groundwater aquifers and surface water systems ❖ Designed recommendations for watershed protection and sustainability with MENRO of Limay ❖ Constructed, managed, and updated geodatabases for the project ❖ Performed all mapping tasks

Different Clients | Oct 2014 - Feb 2015

Freelance Consultant

The Project is an academic paper for a Client that requires the PREPARATION OF INITIAL ENVIRONMENTAL EXAMINATION REPORT (IEER) FOR AMBOY HOTEL IN BASCO BATANES. This is a freelance work that involves the following responsibilities: 1. Analyze data provided and gather others from other resources 2. Accomplish Technical Report on Baseline Conditions, Environmental Impacts and Preventive and Mitigating Measures with supporting maps and data 3. Generate maps, figures, and tables as supporting data for the analyses made Another Project I engaged in as a freelance worker is formulation of ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE REPORT AND MANAGEMENT PLAN for RECE ENTERPRISES in order to acquire permission to operate from DENR-EMB. Main responsibilities are: 1. Perform site visit and photo-documentations as part of data gathering 2. Analyze data provided and gather those essential to the preparation of EPRMP 3. Accomplish Technical Report on Baseline Conditions, Environmental Impacts and Preventive and Mitigating Measures with supporting maps and data

Philkoei International, Inc. | Jul 2012 - Oct 2013

GIS Expert

Data Analyst for economic vis-à-vis flood data • Data QA ❖ Generated maps using ArcGIS 10.1, Quantum, ILWIS, and Surfer, depending on the need and tools required ❖ Processed data to generate maps and tables needed by experts to accomplish their required output ❖ Checked data coming from sources ❖ Prepared Inundation Maps ❖ Prepared movie presentation of Inundation status for Sendong using CAMTASIA software ❖ Generated excel tables and tabulated databases for the socio-economic portions of the whole Project ❖ Calculated volumes and areas of drainage/basins ❖ Gathered and analysed hydrologic features from river systems and other ground water sources ❖ Performed mapping tasks using ArcGIS 10.1 and QuantumGIS ❖ Prepared final maps ❖ Calculated volumes and areas of drainage/basins

Woodfields Consultants Inc | Apr 2012 - May 2012

GIS Specialist


Local Government of Mexico, Pampanga | Jul 2011 - Nov 2011

GIS Analyst

Overall Project Support • Lead – Data Management ❖ Gathered primary and secondary data for inputs on both Maps and Reports ❖ Conducted ground validations and authoritative personnel consultations in areas of study ❖ Digitized, analyzed and incorporated data to maps as required by both standards and the TOR ❖ Used ArcGIS 9.3 and QGIS in digitizing and accomplishing maps ❖ Led and managed project staff (2) ❖ Accomplished Administrative (Based on Tax Mapping), Flood Hazard, Existing General and Urban Land Use, Proposed Land Use, Demographic, Infrastructure and Updated Land Parcel Maps ❖ Assisted Team Leader in the conduct of presentations and consultations with officials and local residents ❖ Accomplished all technical reports for Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) and Sectoral Study

Woodfields Consultants Inc | Aug 2010 - Jul 2011

Jr Environmental Engineer

Project Name: PARTICIPATORY RESOURCE APPRAISAL - RESOURCE AND SOCIAL ASSESSMENT (NRM and GEF) This is a World Bank Project that shall construct a framework of strategies to guide LGUs of Maitum and Kiamba in Sarangani Province and other stakeholders, in appropriate and responsive environment and institutional interventions. Tasks include: Gather primary and secondary data for inputs on both Maps and Reports Conduct field surveys, ground validations and stakeholder consultations in Areas of Study Delineate Watershed Study Area Digitize, analyze and incorporate data to maps as required by both standards and the TOR using GIS Assist experts in the conduct of consultations and presentations with various stakeholders Project Name: FEASIBILITY STUDY ON CABADBARAN SANITARY LANDFILL Conducted Waste Assessment and Characterization Survey (WACS) in the City Accomplished selected chapters in Feasibility Study Report including Description of Area of Study and Landfill Feature Descriptions Prepared Operations and Maintenance Manual for Landfill based on EIS Report and Detailed Engineering Design Project Name: MINDANAO RIVER BASIN INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT MASTER STUDY Coordinated and collaborated with other team members for the conduct of related hydrological and watershed studies Gathered primary and secondary data for inputs on both Maps and Reports Project Name: PASIG-MARIKINA RIVER CHANNEL IMPROVEMENT PROJECT - PHASE III and FLOOD MITIGATION (SECTOR LOAN) IN CAGAYAN DE ORO Conducted site testing in Pasig River (Parameters: DO, pH, temperature) Collected water samples Accomplish necessary reports detailing data gathered and results Project Name: DETAILED ENGINEERING DESIGN OF BACOLOD SANITARY LANDFILL/NEW SAN MATEO SANITARY LANDFILL Prepared Operations and Maintenance Manual for Landfill based on EIS Report and Detailed Engineering Design

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Master’s Degree, Environmental Engineering Technology/Environmental TechnologyUniversity of the Philippines | 2016
Non Formal Education, Organic AgricultureUniversity of the Philippines | 2015
Bachelor’s Degree, Chemical EngineeringUniversity of the Philippines | 2008

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Arianne Almera-Adol

GIS/Data Analyst | Technical and Research - Solid Waste Management ||| Environment, Climate & Land Use | Modelling/Simulations | Project Management

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