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Champion of data integrity, ensuring accuracy in the age of information overload.

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Competition - Bee friendly plants_JB


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Thermo Fisher Scientific | Aug 2021 - Present

Staff Scientist, IVD Product Development - Genetic Testing Solutions

• Write protocols and reports relating to feasibility, verification, and validation of molecular tests under quality system requirements • Interface across the organization and work closely with other functional groups, such as, Quality Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Affairs, Design Transfer, Manufacturing, and Quality Control regarding priorities and timetables for deliverables. • Prepare FDA pre-submission documentation • Trained in design control process, risk management, and regulatory submissions. • Successfully launched IVD-D product designed for diagnosis in May 2022.
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STL Brew Lab | Jul 2018 - Present


Owner/Founder of STL Brew Lab, a Contract Research Organization (CRO) to provide micro and molecular biological testing for craft and home brewers.

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Feb 2016 - Aug 2021

Process Development Scientist III

Team Lead – Process Impurity Quantitation - Residual Host Cell DNA • Evaluate client process matrices for the ability to recover and measure residual host cell DNA from the downstream purification process of biological molecules • Develop of custom reagents as client needs dictate • Collaborate with Quality Control - Analytical personnel, including residual DNA skills training • Plan and execute residual DNA method qualifications and Client Project Lead for Residual DNA Quantitation, A280 and CGE Analysis • Coordinates the planning and execution of the project deliverables related to residual DNA, protein concentration by A280 and product purity by CGE. • Serves as a liaison between the Process Development and Quality Control to draft qualification plans and reports.

Bio Pharma Networking Group | Jul 2018 - Jan 2020

Lead, St. Louis - MO Chapter

MO Bio Pharma Networking Group - STL (MOBPNG-STL) is a Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Life Sciences professionals group. Our focus is on finding & developing real career & business connections by meeting & conversing face-to-face with other professionals in the pharma / biotech / med device industries across the St. Louis Metro area on a monthly basis in a casual happy hour setting. Please join us on LinkedIn. Visit our website at www.bpng.org and https:// www.linkedin.com/groups/12127773

Saint Louis Community College | Aug 2016 - Jan 2020

Adjunct Professor - Bioprocessing

• Create and disseminate class modules in topics related to bioprocessing • Oversee hands on training of students in cell biology techniques from frozen cell pellet to bioreactor • Designed class goals to ensure students are proficient in the following skills - Thawing and culturing of mammalian cells - Evaluation of cell count and viability using a TC20 automated cell counter - Preparation and inoculation of benchtop bioreactors

InnoGenomics Technologies | Jun 2014 - Oct 2015

Associate Scientist

Working to develop products for forensic and cancer diagnostic applications • Development and troubleshooting of a qPCR kit for quantification and quality assessment of human male DNA in the presence of human female DNA • Development of a pilot kit for detecting small quantities of DNA in human blood plasma • Design, manufacturing, and validation of mock forensic samples for training and competency testing

The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson | Jan 2013 - Jun 2014

Associate Scientist I

Used molecular biology techniques to assess genetic elements in Master, Working and End of Production monoclonal antibody producing cell lines. • Mammalian cell culture • DNA and RNA extractions • Southern blotting for examining gross structure of integrated plasmids • Northern blotting for transcript inspection • qPCR for gene copy number determination • Assisted in writing reports for regulatory filings.

WuXi AppTec | Aug 2012 - Oct 2012

Laboratory Technician - Molecular Biology (contractual)

Performed DNA detection assays under Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) • Tested client submitted articles for specified nucleic acid sequences, including viral and bacterial. • Methods of testing include TaqMan and Lightcycler real time quantitative PCR, conventional PCR, Southern and Northern Blotting • Carried out assay validations • Developed new real time Taqman qPCR assays ready to be validated and deployed • Assisted in training junior lab members.

Children's Hospital of New Orleans | Jun 2008 - Jun 2012

Research Assistant II

Worked independently, as well as part of a team to help improve treatment for small cell lung cancer patients using the power of molecular and cellular biology. Established and implemented quality control standards for the laboratory's qPCR. Designed a qPCR work flow to prevent and eliminate problematic plasmid contamination from the experiments. Designated physically separate work areas for RNA extraction, cDNA synthesis and qPCR reaction setup. Used siRNA delivery and qPCR to elucidate a pathway link between ASH1 and INSM1 in the differentiation of prostate cancer cells into neuroendocrine. Studied the differentiation of prostate cancer cells into neuroendocrine cells.

University of Florida - College of Medicine | Aug 2005 - Jun 2008

Graduate Research Assistant

Designed the beginning stages of a PCR based system to detect gene doping in Olympic athletes. Worked both independently and collaborated with groups from France and at the University of Florida to develop a qPCR method to detect small quantities of adeno-associated viral DNA in whole blood samples after intra-muscular injection into non-human primates. This experiment was the preliminary work to developing a kit to test each Olympic athlete for gene doping. Optimized culture conditions and characterized the gene expression of a novel liver cell line from a patient with ZZ Alpha-1-Antitrypsin deficiency. Used this resource to study markers of the Unfolded Protein Response, ER Overload, and inflammation at both the transcriptional and translational levels.

University of Florida - College of Medicine | Jun 2003 - Aug 2005

Laboratory Technician

Successfully improved the efficiency of non viral gene transfer of the Sleeping Beauty transposon system using directed evolution mutagenesis. One of the resulting transposase mutants was 17 fold more active in gene transfer to human cells.

My Education

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Microbiology, GeneralUniversity of Florida | 2003

About Me

James Baus

I am learning Python to support a long term career move to Biostatistics.

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