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Jamie Massey Ph.D

Jamie Massey Ph.D


ETH Zurich


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Paul Scherrer Institut PSI | Apr 2020 - Present

Postdoctoral Researcher

phase transitions in three-dimensions. For this, I design, conduct and analyze advanced material science experiments, for both myself and other members of my research team. I am responsible for all steps in the experimental cycle, from conception of the research question, through to the final visualization of the data. Three-dimensional imaging requires taking a large number of two-dimensional images and feeding them into a reconstruction algorithm. I have implemented data pipelines to gather and prepare these vast datasets, as well as automation protocols to run the large number of necessary reconstructions, quickly and efficient. I have also designed and deployed a Python library capable of advanced statistical and quantitative analysis of the three- dimensional reconstructions (https://github.com/jmassey-17/pyJM).
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University of Leeds | Jul 2019 - Mar 2020

Research Fellow in Nanomagnetism

Oversaw the delivery and commissioning of a state-of-the-art cryogenic magnetic microscope. I liaised with the company responsible, and trained users on the system. I also wrote and published two academic papers based on work performed during my Ph.D. These summarized investigations which used groundbreaking methodologies to reveal new and exciting material physics. The techniques and understanding developed here is still used in the community. These papers led to me being invited to speak at prestigious scientific conferences, where my ability to relay complex ideas succinctly to non-experts facilitated a number of discussions and collaborations.

University of Leeds | Oct 2015 - Jul 2019

PHD Student in Condensed Matter Physics

My Ph.D was in characterizing specific magnetic phase transitions on different timescales. During this time, I designed experiments that were the basis of a worldwide collaboration between three world leading universities, doing a secondment in Japan to perform the measurements. By performing experiments around the world, I developed a wide array of experimental skills with a focus on synchrotron imaging experiments on magnetic thin films.

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Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Condensed Matter and Materials PhysicsUniversity of Leeds | 2019
MPhys, PhysicsThe University of Manchester | 2015

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