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Jannet Vu

Jannet Vu

Data Scientist

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Champion of data ethics, navigating the fine line between insights and privacy.

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Stony Brook University | Aug 2016 - Dec 2023

Quantitative Researcher

• Managed a 5-member international research team through the full lifecycle of 4 projects (e.g., experimental design, metrics evaluation, stakeholder reporting) to drive decision-making regarding resource management • Achieved an 80% improvement (F1-score) in predicting the multistate behavior of wild primates using recurrent neural networks (i.e., LSTM, GRU, encoder-decoders) and hyperparameter optimization in Python (Tensorflow) • Generated data-driven insights into how food seasonality and social dynamics affect the movement and energy balance of endangered primates using time series analysis, causal inference and A/B testing in R • Discovered that precipitation contributed to explaining 56% of the variation in fruit production and projected that food insecurity will heighten during the dry season in Madagascar because of climate change using causal inference, multivariate regression and A/B testing in R • Sourced and cleaned over 500,000 field collected structured and unstructured data records in preparation for data analysis using automated custom aggregation and data manipulation in R • Secured $296K in funds to support dissertation research through competitive grant writing • Instructed 30-person undergraduate courses on foundational research techniques (e.g., descriptive statistics, cohort analysis, segmentation) as a teaching assistant • Communicated scientific findings to technical and non-technical stakeholders through storytelling via publications, presentations and multimedia content (e.g., videos, podcasts, infographics)
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United Nations | Feb 2019 - Jul 2019

Science Policy Analyst Intern

• Cultivated a strategic vision for the circular economy in North America by facilitating dialogue among 120 government, business and technology leaders at the inaugural Great Lakes Circular Economy Forum • Organized the 3-day inaugural Great Lakes Circular Economy Forum by coordinating logistics, managing budgets and maintaining key stakeholder communication through cross-functional collaboration • Distilled news and scientific research into policy briefs, memos and data visualizations to keep executive directors and senior program officers knowledgeable on current events and scientific findings

UCLA | Jan 2014 - Aug 2016

Junior Data Scientist

• Uncovered that land development, topography and precipitation accounted for 44% of the variation in butterfly diversity across 153,075 acres of the world’s largest urban national park using Random Forest in R • Supported business decisions regarding solar farm development by optimizing for energy production and environment health among 36 projects using spatial simulation and nonparametric statistics in ArcGIS and Python • Revealed that the UC reserve system is habitable by > 70% of at-risk species and recommended new reserve sites that aligned with the UC’s education and sustainable development vision by simulating the distribution of 546 species using machine learning (MaxENT) and counterfactual models in ArcGIS, R and Python

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PhD in Ecology and EvolutionStony Brook University | 2023
BS in Environmental ScienceUCLA | 2013

About Me

Jannet Vu

I'm looking for applied data scientist, machine learning engineering and AI roles with a particular interest in understanding human behavior to meaningfully improve business efficiencies, advance technologies and drive behavioral change.

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