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Jasmin Ludolf

Jasmin Ludolf


Data Science Content Developer


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Introduction to Python

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Bad Passwords and the NIST Guidelines

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[Solution] Analyzing Students' Mental Health in SQL

Quantitative architect, designing solutions with numbers as building blocks.

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[Solution] Analyzing Students' Mental Health in SQL


[Codealong] Exploratory Data Analysis in SQL for Absolute Beginners


Live Training - Analyzing Students' Mental Health in SQL [DO NOT DELETE]

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ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers

4 hours15 Videos56 Exercises1,639 Learners

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Jasmin Ludolf

Jasmin is a Content Developer at DataCamp. After ten years as a global marketing manager in the music industry, she recently changed careers to follow her curiosity for data. Her passion is value exchange and making data science accessible to all.

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