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Javid Jouzdani

Javid Jouzdani

Senior Data Scientist

Standards Australia | Australia


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Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing

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Data Scientist

Algorithmic artist, painting vibrant pictures with lines of code.

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Standards Australia | Sep 2022 - Present

Advanced Analytics Specialist (Data Scientist)

Key Responsibilities: • Designed, created and deployed a hybrid recommendation system following different approaches from Graph Theory to Natural Language Processing using Python on Azure ML Studio • Created data pipelines to extract, transform, and clean data from Azure SQL Databases • Mentored data professionals in data science and machine learning • Supervised, trained, and advised junior data scientists on how to solve analytical, data and technical challenges Key Achievement: • Proposed a solution on the first week of starting my role that was well appreciated by the business stakeholders
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Tata Consultancy Services | Jun 2021 - Sep 2022

Data Scientist

Key Responsibilities: • Designed and led a project to apply Deep and Wide Neural Networks to predict Service Request Response Time using Tensorflow on Vertex AI • Implemented a product for stores financial efficiency evaluation using P&L PDF reports and applying Data Envelopment Analysis • Created an NLP solution for clustering and topic modelling of incidents using Scikit-Learn, Spacy, Gensim, and the data extracted from BigQuery • Trained several data professionals in data science and machine learning • Supervised, mentored, and advised junior data scientists on how to solve analytical, data and technical challenges • Interviewed data science applicants and reported the results • Utilised MCDM Techniques and TensorFlow for supplier performance evaluation and prediction • Efficiently collaborated on developing data pipelines using Composer (Airflow DAGs), Cloud Scheduler, Cloud Storage, Cloud Function, and BigQuery on GCP • Delivered high quality solutions in a agile environment involving Github, CI/CD, and Jira. • Designed, developed, and deployed a tool to automate major parts of the data pipeline on GCP • Performed EDA using Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Seaborn, Plotly, and Matplotlib Key Achievement: • Achieved "Innovista Sparkle" innovation award for a unique innovation which exceeded the Innovation project objective among about 12,000 innovative projects • Received "Special Initiative Award" for designing, developing, and deploying the an automation tool that reduced 8 man-hours of effort to less that 5 man-minutes and also prevented human errors and rework • Received the "Innovation Pride Award" for designing a solution for store efficiency evaluation and benchmarking.

QBE | Nov 2020 - May 2021

Data Analyst

Key Responsibilities: • Collected data from the databases using SQL scripts and SQLAlchemy • Applied parametric and non-parametric statistical methods for EDA • Created an ETL pipeline to get the data from a web API using Python • Acted as the technical lead of a successful project • Modified Docker files to create and run containers on virtual machines • Analysed natural language data using Python for classification • Collaborated on developing code for data analysis automation following Agile methodologies and using version control tools • Created and applied pipelines for Natural Language Processing and Text Mining • Communicated the results of the analysis to the business partners via reports and visualisations created by Seaborn, Plotly.Express, and Matplotlib. • Played an active role in developing effective and efficient solutions to complex business problems Key Achievements: • Improved the performance of a classification algorithm from below 50% to over 80% • Saved 3 man-hour per day by developing an innovative way of presenting the data analysis results • Played a key role in successfully delivering the projects on-time

My Education

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PhD in Industrial EngineeringIran University of Science and Technology | 2015
MS in Socio-economic Systems EngineeringAmir Kabir University of Technology | 2008
BS in Applied MathematicsUniversity of Isfahan | 2003

About Me

Javid Jouzdani

A goal-driven, detail-oriented, and highly educated and accomplished data specialist with an exceptional record of delivering effective and efficient solutions to complex business problems.

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