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Jorge Luis Azor Hernandez

Jorge Luis Azor Hernandez

Data Scientist


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Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing

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Data Scientist

Curious explorer of data landscapes, seeking hidden treasures.

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Soccer Data


Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing


Predicting Credit Card Approvals


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Instituto de Cibernética, Matemática y Física (ICIMAF) | Sep 2014 - Present

Researcher in Statistics

Researcher in Statistics 2014-2022 Institute of Cybernetics, Mathematics and Physics | Havana, Cuba: • Study of economic variables of mexican companies through the functional canonical correlations analysis. • Implementation of a generalization of the canonical correlations method to analyze more than two sets of functional variables and application to an economic problem. • Analysis of data from phases I-II and III of the clinical trials of the Abdala COVID-19 vaccine: Immunogenicity Analysis of qualitative variables. Study of the relationship between the response and control variables through Correspondence Analysis. • Data analysis for Validity and Reliability of a Self-evaluation Field Test in Cuban High Performance Boxing. • Head of the Interdisciplinary Mathematics Department (2018-2022).
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My Education

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Master's degree, Mathematical Statistics and Probability  · (septiembre deUniversity of Havana | 2017
Licenciatura en Matemática, Matemáticas  · (septiembre de 2010 - junio deUniversidad de La Habana | 2014

About Me

Jorge Luis Azor Hernandez

I'm a data scientist with experience in data analysis and research in statistics. I am always interested in teamwork and providing innovative solutions and critical thinking. Furthermore, I have a master's degree in probability and statistics.

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