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Joe Giovanetti

Joe Giovanetti


University of Cincinnati | Ohio, US


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Exploring NYC Public School Test Result Scores

Insights artist, painting vivid pictures of knowledge with data as the brush.

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Introduction to R


Machine Learning with Tree-Based Models in Python


Introduction to Python


Intermediate Python

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The Christ Hospital Health Network | Nov 2021 - Sep 2023

Clinical Informaticist


Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center | Jul 2019 - Jun 2020

PGY1 Pharmacy Resident

• Interdisciplinary rounds: internal medicine, , infectious diseases, intensive care unit, geriatrics, medical/surgical unit, ambulatory care, and rehab/ transitions of care. • Actively collaborating and communicating with medical residents and physicians about medication therapy management and providing guideline directed recommendations. • Main Pharmacy/ED satellite pharmacy staffing: verifying medication orders, sterile and nonsterile compounding, performing pharmaceutical/ pharmacokinetic calculations, consulting physicians and medical residents, maintenance of inventory, stocking crash carts. • Rutland Nursing Home Antimicrobial Stewardship program: verification of compliance to infectious diseases protocol, maintenance of ID medication orders, and reviewing culture results and appropriateness of antimicrobial therapy. • Targeted Temperature Management (TTM) resident: supervision of patient in compliance with TTM protocol for 24 hours. • Case Report: "Utilization of Artesunate for the Treatment of Plasmodium falciparum in Severe Malaria" presented at the 2019 ASHP Midyear Conference • Longitudinal Research: "Pharmacist Impact on Optimizing Infectious Disease Protocols in the Long Term Care Setting" • Actively participated in the Medication Errors Committee, Sepsis Committee, Adverse Events Committee, Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
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Touro College of Pharmacy | Jul 2019 - Jun 2020

Adjunct Faculty Member

• Completion of Teaching Certificate program and Teaching portfolio • Assisted with teaching Self Care Skills Assessment with pharmacy students developing clinical knowledge and appropriate counseling skills • Development of Case based questions for exams • Review and research of active learning strategies with self-reflection and improvement • Self-evaluation of ASHP's Preceptor's Roles and Challenges with utilization of teaching techniques applied throughout the year • Presenting and debating research on controversial topics regarding teaching strategies, namely the use of lecture recordings

KROGER PHARMACY | Aug 2013 - Dec 2018

Pharmacy Intern

• Processing and adjudicating prescriptions through patient’s insurance via order entry. • Consulting with patients about the proper use of their medications, adverse drug reactions, and side effects to ensure the safety of the patients. • Performing blood pressure and blood sugar checks for the patients of the Heart Healthy and Diabetes programs. • Providing vaccination information and administration for patients. • Advising patients on proper use of over-the-counter medications for the relief of symptoms for many common ailments. • Performing Medication Therapy Management claims via the OutcomesMTM portal via direct or telephonic communication while simultaneously developing close relationships with patients to promote direct patient care. • Dispensing and compounding prescribed medications while abiding by legal rules. As part of developing leadership, some responsibilities included taking charge of training newly hired technicians and creating a work shift schedule throughout the week to ensure a well rounded experience for the technicians. • Collaborating with physicians about the proper therapy for patients and recommending the addition and/or removal of medications in accordance with guideline directed therapy.

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Doctor of Pharmacy - PharmD, PharmacyUniversity of Cincinnati | 2019

About Me

Joe Giovanetti

Currently job searching for clinical pharmacy informatics where I can use my data science skills.

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