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Justin Reid

Justin Reid

Software Engineer

Earth Resources Technology | Asheville, NC


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ERT, Inc. | Aug 2022 - Present

Software Engineer

- Working on migrating backend data flows for the National Weather Service from legacy infrastructure to NESDIS' New AWS Cloud computing environment NCCF. - Also working on data visualization capabilities and scientific software development for NWS/NESDIS datasets.
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ERT, Inc. | Jun 2022 - Aug 2022

DataFlow Analyst

Prediction data pipelines for NOAA NCEP's central headquarters. - Interfacing with NWS/NOAA customers about potential issues regarding their ingest of NOAA NCEP data. - Being on call to triage data pipeline issues and to address them in a live production environment.

KBR, Inc. | Mar 2019 - Jun 2022

Metadata Developer

- Indexed over 4 million XML metadata records into the NOAA OneStop platform’s ElasticSearch REST API. - Learned how to use Apache NiFi to run data pipelines for an enterprise data inventory system as it was being developed. - Developed a Python XML metadata validation package in order to be used as a final metadata cleaning component in production metadata ingest pipelines. - Wrote user stories, wrote documentation, and performed project management tasks alongside my teammate for NOAA NCEI's granule metadata team and helped define how Agile project management would be implemented for my team in a federal contracting context. - Helped implement the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) as part of being Scrum Master and Technical Lead for NOAA NCEI's granule metadata team.

Earth Resources Technology, Inc. (ERT, Inc.) | Mar 2016 - Mar 2019

Junior Metadata Developer

- Created a Python data wrangling package that created metadata records at scale for NOAA’s OneStop data discovery and search project with over 180 million records being created for the OneStop search platform. - Built a metadata quality evaluation tool that introduced machine learning techniques to NOAA NCEI’s Data Stewardship Division via Python’s scikit- learn library. This work resulted in a poster presentation presented at NOAA’s Environmental Data Management workshop.

Weather Decision Technologies Inc. | May 2014 - Jun 2015

GIS Programmer

- Engineered over 5 meteorological GIS data feeds that provided data to ESRI Map Services on the backend with one included in marketing materials to promote WDT’s enterprise geospatial data suite. - Repaired the ingest portion of a data transformation process in order to fix a critical geodatabase timeout fire for one of WDT’s top insurance clients Verisk Inc.

Weather Decision Technologies Inc. | Sep 2012 - May 2014

Meteorological Programmer

- Developed software for various B2B contracts and internal needs from in house weather forecast verification to a basic web tool for making time series- based forecasts for the utility Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OG+E). - Created clean GIS radar raster data for over 8 high-impact weather events utilizing proprietary radar analysis software used in a customer’s precipitation estimation products.

UNC Asheville | Sep 2011 - Apr 2012

GIS Assistant

- Performed spatial analyses for a joint project between UNC Asheville's NEMAC and the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) for the US Global Change Research Program's National Climate Assessment (NCA). - Aided in Server Side GIS data transitions to OpenSource platforms such as MapServer and PostGIS. - Created final capstone presentation for my internship for UNC Asheville NCUR undergraduate research symposium.

UNC Asheville | Dec 2009 - Mar 2012

Snowfall Researcher

Paid field project ran by UNC Asheville Atmospheric Science chair Dr. Douglas K. Miller where I helped taking upper air soundings during winter storms. These datasets that I helped to take are used by both researchers and the National Weather Service (NWS).

UNC Asheville | Aug 2008 - Dec 2008

Federal Workstudy

Federal work study clerical work where I helped with forms and other office work for UNC Asheville's Computer Science, and Atmospheric Sciences departments.

NOAA | Jul 2006 - Aug 2006

Forecaster Shadowing Student Volunteer

High School student summer volunteer at my local National Weather Service forecast office, where I was introduced to operational meteorology and the NWS's daily functions such as grid forecasts, warnings, and hydrology.

My Education

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Bachelor’s Degree, Atmospheric SciencesUniversity of North Carolina at Asheville | 2012

About Me

Justin Reid

Scientific Software Engineer and Meteorologist who has experience in data analytics and cloud computing who is looking to advance into data engineering and data science.

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