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Johnny Boy Pillazo

Johnny Boy Pillazo


Technological Institute of the Philippines


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Unicorn funding vs valuation

Data maestro, orchestrating analytical melodies for data-driven decisions.

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Unicorn funding vs valuation


Introduction to Machine Learning and Toolkit


CRUD Operations using Python and SQLite3


Data Collection through API


Pandas and Numpy


Rock Paper Scissor


Quiz Game


Guessing Number


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My Work Experience

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Marigold Holdings OPC | Apr 2023 - Present

IT Analyst

Summary of Actual Duties • Created and maintained systems process • Provide and design solutions to improve company operations • Database management and analysis • Data visualization for monitoring and company decision-making • Report issues, advances made, and other important information • Provide support and troubleshooting • Efficient management and maintenance of databases. • Design and implementation of systems to create and monitor income predictions • Compute agent commissions with accuracy and precision. • Designed a model for the new schema of agent commissions.
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Office of the Solicitor General | Jan 2021 - Feb 2024

Legal Secretary

Summary of Actual Duties • Create reports and visualization of cases • Managing physical folders • Proofread briefs and pleadings • Prepare initiatory pleading for new case • Performs general secretarial work • Daily record keeping with electronic and physical filing of documents. • Maintain and update databases and tracking systems.

SPMadrid & Associates | Apr 2018 - Feb 2021

Legal Specialist

List of Accomplishments and Contributions • Project management • Created and developed the foreclosure department • Designed workflow of foreclosure proceedings and implementation of writ of execution • Created and developed visualization for monitoring cases Summary of Actual Duties • Responsible for monitoring and managing the projects • Responsible for the overall process of Foreclosure proceedings • Responsible for the overall implementation of the Writ of Execution • Perform overall clerical and secretarial duties • Prepare billing and reimbursement • Prepare minutes of the meeting • Send monthly and weekly report analysis to the client

My Education

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Professional Science Master's Degree in Data ScienceTechnological Institute of the Philippines | 2025
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Office ManagementUniversity of Makati | 2018

About Me

Johnny Boy Pillazo

I am actively seeking a position in data analytics, driven by my passion for transforming data into valuable insights that drive organizational success.

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