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Jomyka Keren Dultra-Ocampo

Jomyka Keren Dultra-Ocampo

Research Manager

Legendary Marketing


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Data Analyst

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Intermediate SQL

My New Course

Analyzing Data in Spreadsheets

Data Alchemist and Marketing Maestro, crafting synergies between data insights and strategic marketing brilliance

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Hypothesis Testing with Men's and Women's Soccer Matches


Analyzing Crime in Los Angeles


Visualizing the History of Nobel Prize Winners

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Legendary Podcasts | Jun 2021 - Present

Head of Research

Spearheads research strategies to connect thought leaders with podcast opportunities. Partners with cross-functional teams to develop & implement compelling lead generation strategies, exploring innovative methodologies to enhance efficiency. ● Leads a team of research virtual assistants, boosting lead generation output through effective delegation and performance development ● Develops data-driven SOPs for onboarding new campaigns ensuring lead generation efficiency ● Streamlines research operations and optimizes workflows ● Spearheads lead generation for various teams through podcast bookings, production support, LinkedIn outreach, and internal sales collaboration ● Implements targeted list-building strategies, automating workflows to decrease manual work ● Analyzes data across business processes and KPIs to identify lead generation trends and optimize lead nurturing strategies to improve conversion rates
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Legendary Leadgen | Oct 2019 - Jun 2021

Virtual Assistant

● Identified and qualified high-value leads for diverse clients through comprehensive research. ● Executed targeted email and LinkedIn outreach campaigns to engage prospects. ● Developed creative promotional materials (e.g., graphics, videos) to enhance podcast effectiveness

My Education

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Bachelor of Science in Mining EngineeringUniversity of the Philippines | 2021

About Me

Jomyka Keren Dultra-Ocampo

Aspiring data analyst actively seeking opportunities to leverage the impactful applications of data science in decision-making. Passionate about harnessing the power of data to drive meaningful outcomes.

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