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Jordan Dover

Jordan Dover

Senior Data Consultant and Engineer

. | Sebago, ME


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Alteryx Alteryx Designer Core Certification

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RTS Labs | Apr 2022 - Present

Senior Data Consultant and Engineer

- Managed multiple clients, engineers, and projects concurrently, ensuring satisfaction, career growth, and on-time delivery, meeting project objectives within multiple industries including healthcare, financial services, IT, education, retail, and more. - Created compelling, interactive data visuals for diverse stakeholders and leaders, effectively communicating key insights and clarity into complex questions. - Designed and implemented end-to-end ETL solutions for large-scale projects, automating manual transformation of data. - Acted as a Sales Engineer with the sales team to develop persuasive sales proposals, leveraging data analysis and visualizations to articulate value propositions. - Provided expert consultation on data visualizations, data governance, and all around best practices, ensuring data integrity, compliance, and driving cataloging and documentation for future success. - Developed and refined data model diagrams and visuals, optimizing scalability and performance as well as giving business digestible insight into the workstream of the technical side of data. - Demonstrated expertise in overseeing the modernization of financial processes, leveraging strategic vision to assess and integrate advanced technologies, and leading change management initiatives. - Served as a proficient business liaison, bridging the gap between the technology and finance departments. Leveraged analytical skills to investigate and resolve data discrepancies, facilitating data integrity. Effectively communicated complex technical information to finance teams and financial requirements to technology teams, ensuring seamless collaboration and alignment between departments.
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Unum | Apr 2021 - Mar 2022

Information Project Director

Finance - Led modernization and governance initiatives within the Finance Department, optimizing foundational processes for enhanced efficiency and scalability which enabled business analysts with structured data and state-of-the-art tools (Alteryx and Tableau). - Directly worked with cross-functional teams to gather and document business requirements, and strategically plan and implement solutions on modernization efforts. - Directed and coached cross-functional teams in the best practices of designing and maintaining data pipelines and data visualizations across the enterprise. - Automated and visually documented workflows with data pipelining, business diagrams, and data models using SQL and Lucidcharts. - Developed impactful analysis and data visualizations to drive data-driven decision-making and facilitate clear communication of insights enhancing pre- modernized versions of reports.

Unum | Dec 2018 - Apr 2021

Data Analytics Consultant | Data Engineer II

- Developed an innovative ranked, fuzzy match engine that revolutionized Marketing's data integration capabilities. This solution enabled the seamless joining of data from various systems, which in turn allowed Marketing the ability to track leads from their initial stages all the way through the sales process, providing valuable insights and enhancing decision-making in Marketing dollars. - Developed tracking analysis on “smart” leads based on business requirements, that enabled digital strategy to narrow focus on clients that had a determined ranking of interest. - Consistently presented key marketing analysis and statistics to executive stakeholders, influencing strategic decision-making across the enterprise. - Designed visually captivating and efficient visualizations using Power BI and Tableau to communicate marketing and broker insights. - Consulted and collaborated with digital market specialists, market strategists, and content creators in interpreting and visualizing data. - Automated and visualized performance statistics and analysis metrics for Leave Management, improving decision-making and operational efficiency.

Unum | Jun 2015 - Nov 2018

IT Service Manager

Operations - Utilized data analysis to uncover incident patterns, enabling proactive issue resolution and reducing downtime, fostering a more reliable operational environment. - Developed informative dashboards that communicated environment and product health, aiding quick decision-making by presenting complex data in accessible formats, resulting in coordinated incident responses. - Led the planning and strategizing of all software changes to mitigate risk and enhance transparency in multi-department communications. - Led cross-functional teams, ensuring swift issue resolution during releases and promoting seamless collaboration, leading to minimize disruptions and improved change management. - Facilitating presentations and coaching leadership on the effective utilization and interpretation of KPI and operational dashboards.

SAIC | Aug 2011 - May 2015

Systems Engineer

status, plans, risks and opportunities. - Created compelling analyses and data visualizations to support informed decision-making, improving communication of insights and upgrading outdated report formats. - Developed models and meta-models that allowed interaction with real-time, integrated data to allow key military personnel to track inventory. - Provided coaching to essential military personnel on optimizing the use and interpretation of dashboards. - Presented to key military leaders and government officials with dynamic Tableau dashboards of Army materiel equipment and resource utilization.

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Computer EngineeringUniversity of Alabama in Huntsville | 2014
Pre-EngineeringNortheast Alabama Community College | 2011

About Me

Jordan Dover

Data Engineer professional with well-rounded experience in ETL process, data science, data architecture, and data visualization. Problem-solver with valuable critical thinking skills and insights.

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