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José Manuel Pires Dias

José Manuel Pires Dias

Software Engineer

Certainly | Madrid


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Analyzing TV Data


Introduction to Python


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Certainly | Jun 2023 - Present

Software Engineer

Building intelligent chatbot solutions at Certainly has been an engaging journey, fueled by innovation and a commitment to excellence. My role entails: Designing and Developing AI-Powered Chatbots: Collaboratively working with my AI and product colleagues, we utilize a range of AI tools, including NLP and LLMs, to create conversational agents that engage users and deliver meaningful interactions and craft robust solutions that are scalable, maintainable, and responsive to our chatbot's needs. Django: Sustain robust backend systems, managing data and business logic for our chatbots. Conversational Logic Creation: Using NLU and LLMs, I we refine the conversation flows, ensuring our chatbots understand user intents and respond appropriately, all while adapting to the diverse needs of our clients. Maintenance: Ensuring our backend systems are running optimally and free from issues is key. We regularly perform refactors, optimizations, and updates to maintain a high level of operational efficiency. Joining the team as a backend developer after a tenure in QA has provided me with a unique perspective. I leverage this experience to ensure our backend systems not only perform well but also meet the stringent quality standards our users have come to expect from us.
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Certainly | Oct 2022 - May 2023

Lead QA Engineer

Defining the QA process for Certainly is a big challenge that we're going through with enthusiasm! This process involves a lot of detail, including: - Define and describe the current existing features along with the CTO and Ideation team - Setting up valid datasets to test, this includes working with LLMs, NLU setups, Prompt engineering with chatGPT - Manually test the features through different testing paths using the previous data. This is a big challenge since the conversation flow of a bot is very diverse and depends on each client - Organizing everything in Azure DevOps. This includes tests, validation tasks, bugs, even PBIs(user stories) development We also go through the automation process using playwright with typescript using page object model and BDD, having the tests ready for every release as new features are developed. We do API testing using Karate to test our Chat API, LLM API, NLU training and dataservice API. We do load tests with Gatling (Moving to Locust) to ensure our services scale properly on demand. The QA process also includes managing the release. We define which tasks are ready to be promoted from staging, to the preproduction environment, and finally to production. From QA we analyze commits to make sure there's no piece of untested code going to production, we deploy the tested services and make sure they work as expected on production. We also are in direct contact with CS, making sure they get constant feedback on what they do, if they find bugs, or if something is not working for a client. This is of course an ongoing process and is evolving on demand, as needed from the developer side or from the business side.

DIA Group | Jan 2022 - Sep 2022

QA Automation Engineer

Automated backend tests for the different WMS operation services that serves the e-commerce of the company. These tasks include: - Define unit tests - Define component tests - Define functional tests - Refine user stories with POs and developers to create test plans - Implementation of component tests using Karate - Executing functional tests using postman/swagger - Executing functional tests publishing in Google PubSub topics - Write evidence of testing using Zephyr and JIRA - Executing regression tests in the test environment each sprint based on critical features - Implementation of e2e tests to alleviate manual testing processes - Collaborate with devs and support department in the deployment process and give the OK from QA

Dimática Software Development | Oct 2020 - Jan 2022

QA Engineer

Putting together all my experience in IoT, SCADA systems and construction sites, I test, improve and develop an IoT web platform that lets construction site workers obtain live and historic data from different sensors present in a construction site. This includes: - Manual testing of the platform using CrossBrowserTesting - API testing using Karate - Performance testing using Gatling - Automated frontend tests using Playwright - Software Architecture analysis - Database testing Postgre/Mongo - Hardware analysis for the different sensors - Analysis of the different communication protocols (like MQTT, Modbus or HTTP protocols) - Develop User Stories using BDD under Gherkin syntax - Using JIRA under SCRUM

GRUPO VIARIUM | Jun 2018 - Sep 2020

Project Engineer

Viarium Technology Development is the new branch of Viarium Group, working in the implementation of new technologies in classic and modern engineering projects. This implies the development of classic projects for international public and private entities, dealing with hardware and software providers, service providers and dealing with all the logistics involved in an end to end project. In this sense, Viarium Technology Development acts as an integrator, merging various technologies, hardware, software and services into a functioning high complexity project to the end user. Between the most developed technologies in Viarium we have Smart Parking, measuring of environmental parameters, geolocation, classified tech projects, automation, IoT, communication protocols, APIs, GIS technologies, and everything related to modernization of buildings, from ports, airports, to parking lots and street parkings. In my specific case I have the capacity and the goal to develop with a team, make it internal or contracted, the solutions that the client needs. I work with m2m protocols, including cloud and edge computing locations. Besides that, we do API implementations using AWS and Python (API gateway - EC2 - S3- RDS) and also, of course, generate all the documentation necessary to meet project needs.

EXCEM Grupo 1971 | Mar 2017 - Jun 2018

Technical Support Engineer

Technical support in different projects for Spain airports. Develop, install and maintain X-ray baggage scanners with our Chinese partner and developer. Machine installation in the airports, software and Database management for our client and maintenance of all the equipment in the country.

Soluciones Digitales SOLDI | Mar 2015 - Feb 2017

Project Engineer

Project development and field engineer. Electrical installations, automation and IoT installations for different types of institutions. Development of automation systems, Lightning control, air conditioner control, electrical parameters measuring, environmental parameters measuring (IoT) using Modbus/OPC, Installation and use of SCADA/IoT systems including data analysis of at least 5000 data sources, HMI development, Relay and PLC programming, Scheme updating.

Vemetris | Mar 2015 - Jul 2015

Scada Engineer

Worked in the project "Supervisión de los sistemas de refrigeración para sus instalaciones de almacenes refrigerados" for PLUMROSE LATINOAMERICANA, C.A. which consisted in the installation of temperature sensors in the different industrial fridges of the company, the setup of an IoT system that recollects the information of every sensor using Modbus protocol, plus the setup of the server for remote access to the whole system.

Vemetris | Dec 2014 - Jun 2015


Development of an Android application (based on Java) with Android studio to monitor IoT sensors using Modbus m2m protocol or MQTT pub/sub protocol over TCP/IP, storing all values in a SQLite database and sending emails/SMS alerts depending on set alarm values.

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Electrical Engineer, Electrical and Electronics EngineeringUniversidad Central de Venezuela | 2015

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