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Joaquin Perez Primavera

Joaquin Perez Primavera

Senior Software Engineer

GM / Snap


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Data Engineer

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Cleaning Bank Marketing Campaign Data

Insights artist, transforming data into visually stunning masterpieces of knowledge.

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Data Engineer


Cleaning Bank Marketing Campaign Data


Database Design


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Unity Junior Programmer

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Snap | Jul 2023 - Present

Senior Engineer

Audience Engagement Tool’s MVP development lead for Web and Mobile. Overseeing codebase scalability , reliability , and new feature implementation
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GM | Jan 2021 - Present

Full Stack Engineer

I code in TypeScript using the NextJS framework for frontend development. Additionally, I am actively engaged in building a component library with Storybook to ensure code reusability and maintainability. On the backend, I work with with NestJS with GraphQL for the communication between Front and Back-end, RabbitMQ for messaging queues, and PostgreSQL DB. I am also involved in refactoring microservices to follow the principles of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) along with Hexagonal Architecture. Main Projects: BANCO GALICIA - Cross-product team responsible for the bank's transactions security. Unit and E2E testing implementation lead, handling of code security vulnerabilities. TICMAS - Academic Platform, main Academy: "Argentina Programa" (60.000 active users). DDD and Hexagonal Architecture implementation. PARTNEROPTIMIZER - Search for suppliers based on the company's specialization. Component library creation. BENTOBOX - Website creation and restaurant management platform. Main project: Microservices Refactor.

My Education

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Associate's in Information SystemsUniversidad Tecnologica Nacional | 2026

About Me

Joaquin Perez Primavera

Experienced engineer transitioning to data engineering, skilled in scalable solutions. Eager to contribute problem-solving abilities to data projects. Committed to continuous learning and staying at the forefront of technology.

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