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James Ross

James Ross

Senior Data Engineer

Brave Health


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Analytical pioneer, exploring uncharted territories in the world of data.

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Brave Health | Jun 2022 - Present

Lead Data Analytics Engineer

• Provided visibility into many areas of the business from vendors’ sources to Tableau. Areas included: forecasting, revenue per claim, cost per claim, patient churn, provider efficiency, provider schedules, provider caseloads, appointment metrics, claims data, provider credentialing, and patient questionnaires (400+ views a day / 80+ unique users) • Built out most of the Snowflake data warehouse with dbt and Fivetran which integrates 7 systems currently. This is done with a combination of prebuilt connectors and Azure functions written in Python. • Integrated Coefficient which allows us to push data from Snowflake to Google Sheets. • Handle the relationship with our outside data consultants. • Lead the data team of 2.
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Brave Health | Apr 2021 - Jun 2022

Lead Business and Data Analyst

• Developed the incentive compensation structure for all providers and the Tableau dashboard to allow providers to track their progress. Increased hours of care by ~4% • Handled hiring forecast which increased provider headcount by ~60%. • Built financial model for Series C and completed most of the data requests from investors. • Developed model used to predict revenue per claim based off the percentage of claims that are closed and the closed claim rate. Flagged an underperforming payer which resulted in a new contract that increased our overall revenue per claim by ~10%

Teva Pharmaceuticals | Jan 2019 - Apr 2021

Business Analyst III / Data Scientist

• Built Upsell Engine for sales floor. This Tableau dashboard gives our sales reps many ways to communicate with our customers. (250+ views a week) • Built Seasonality model for all products to identify and show magnitude for Pricing and Procurement. • Developed Python script to retrieve delivery date and delivery status from UPS and FedEx APIs for inbound shipments and rank them based on inbound priority. • Created Procurement KPIs in Tableau for 9 figure inventory base. Lead analyst for all procurement requests. • Developed an RPA and R script to extract all vendor email attachments and display which items are on backorder per vendor and on the aggregate. (50 vendors, 1000+ attached spreadsheets) • Built email campaign dashboard for marketing to send out email campaigns. • Developed Buyer Scorecard dashboard rating buyers performance. • Used Python's geocode library to identify pharmacies within a 5 mile radius of physicians prescribing a product. • Made outbound sales calls as a sales rep to learn the position and aid in the development process of new tools for the sales department. Roughly 200 calls with 8 sales. • Developed a market basket report which groups items that are likely sold together and recommends to our customer base.

Envision Healthcare | Apr 2017 - Dec 2018

Business Intelligence Analyst II


Rand-Whitney Group | Mar 2016 - Mar 2017

Process Analytics Manager

• Managed $4.2 million in sales including Fortune 500 customers across the country. • Led the on-boarding process of 7 new business opportunities totaling $3.2 million. • Presented reports and made recommendations on headcount, inventory levels, pricing, and capacities on machinery. • Drove process improvements, shifted workload between facilities.

Rand-Whitney Group | Jan 2015 - Mar 2016

Operations Analyst

• Monitored KPIs, identified areas of improvement and drove efficiency. • Handled pricing for multi-million dollar accounts to ensure margins are healthy. • Met with customers to discuss potential partnerships nation-wide. • Made informed business decisions based on data pulled from our in-house database.

Marsh & McLennan Agency | Florida Region | Jun 2014 - Aug 2014

Financial Analyst Intern


Spencer Trask | Jun 2013 - Aug 2013

Summer Intern


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Stony Brook University

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