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Kaius de Paula Correa

Kaius de Paula Correa

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Data guardian, protecting the integrity and privacy of valuable information.

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Universidade Federal de Viçosa | Feb 2022 - Aug 2022

Econometrics Intern

As an econometrics monitor at the Federal University of Viçosa, I gained extensive experience in guiding and assisting students in solving complex econometrics and data analysis problems. I developed a skill for communicating theoretical concepts clearly and concisely, which allowed me to effectively transmit my knowledge. Over time, I developed a strong sense of commitment to academic excellence and adopted a rigorous approach to solving data analysis challenges. My work as an econometrics monitor gave me practical understanding of econometrics and data analysis, making me a more complete data scientist. Major achievements: I wrote an extensive interactive Econometrics document available at https://rpubs.com/kaiusdepaula. I collected and managed data from various sources, including public and private databases, organizing and standardizing information to enable the creation of accurate statistical models. I developed the ability to use different databases, even with complex specificities, and explain them clearly and concisely to students who often had no previous experience in the field. I assisted over 60 students in gaining a better understanding of related topics.
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Oppen Social | Apr 2021 - Present

Data Scientist

I am an experienced data scientist with broad expertise in statistical modeling and machine learning. I worked at Oppen Social, where I developed analytical solutions and business strategies that involved the application of these skills across multiple industries. I conducted complex data analyses, developed predictive models, and successfully led data science projects. My passion is exploring new modeling techniques and improving existing models to enhance operational efficiency and drive innovation. I am committed to seizing opportunities for continuous learning and contributing to the evolution of the data industry with my expertise in AI, statistical modeling, and machine learning. Major achievements: I developed an automated data cleaning process for a health department project that used Regex and dealt with complex and unstructured data structures. This saved significant time and financial resources by drastically reducing the need for manual data cleaning that is prone to human errors. I built machine learning models to predict the demand for technical courses across Brazil, using a wide variety of training data including demographic, economic, and educational data. I developed advanced programming skills, allowing me to create automation solutions for repetitive and complex tasks, reducing programming time by up to 70%; I worked on all stages of producing data visualization graphs, translating complex datasets into understandable visual representations. I coded software programs, algorithms, and automated processes to clean and evaluate large datasets from multiple disparate sources.

My Education

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Bachelor in EconomicsUniversidade Federal de Viçosa | 2022

About Me

Kaius de Paula Correa

Graduated in the course of Economic Sciences at the Federal University of Viçosa. I highlight as an aptitude during graduation my facility with the quantitative area, especially the practical application of statistics.

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