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Encore Labs | Jul 2018 - Present

Senior Analyst

Led the analysis of sample data for 66 pesticides and 5 mycotoxins per sample, averaging 150 samples per day across more than 20 different crop matrices, for a portfolio of 270 clients while creating $600k in monthly revenue. Implemented a QBench LIMS system to automate the upload and approval of pesticide data, ensuring proper handling of more than 5k data points per day and reducing errors to less than 5% (from 15%). Installed 2 RAID network drives and remote access software, allowing analysts to access 22 computers and monitor data and instruments remotely, reducing delays and creating up to $30k in daily savings. Trained analysts and lab supervisors on the operation of LCMS equipment and data analysis, ensuring all trainees received scores of at least 4/5 on all KPIs and increasing productivity by 14% within the department. Coordinated with the IT department to select and install a UPS battery backup for network drives, generating $200 in savings per sample for data protected during power outages.
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The J.M. Smucker Company | Jun 2015 - Jul 2018

Analytical Chemist

Oversaw the analysis of specific ingredients in 100 pet food products, generating data packets on approximately 20 samples per day, and managed training, LCMS maintenance, and documentation for the lab. Maintained compliance with industry standard regulations, overseeing the audit of 75 standard operating procedures to ensure compliance and assisting with the acquisition an ISO 17025 certification. Developed and validated methods for the internal testing and analysis of samples, creating $100 in savings per each in-house test and giving presentations to executives on the use of thiamine in cat food products. Performed cost analysis of samples used for cyanuric acid and melamine testing, creating a presentation on the findings for a senior director and enabling around $400 in daily savings through the purchase of cost-effective consumables. Oversaw internal testing for 5 types of mycotoxins in 100 pet food products, analyzing approximately 20 samples per day and enabling $18.1MM in annual revenue for the organization. Monitored the condition of 50 consumable products within the lab, performing monthly inventory checks and disposing of expired products, and ensured all temperatures within the lab remained within the acceptable range for lab activities. Coordinated intake for 2 deliveries of approximately 20 samples daily, labeling each sample and ensuring all data was properly recorded and easily accessible before preparing samples for testing.

ChemicoMays | Sep 2010 - Aug 2012

Associate Database Chemist

Managed the safety data sheets and informational database for a collection of more than 60k chemicals located in the storage facility, reviewing approximately 50 data sheets daily and designating storage codes for new chemicals. Supervised the delivery of approximately 20 boxes of chemicals per day, ensuring each item was properly identified and labeled, utilizing subject matter expertise to assign the correct storage code to products.

My Education

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BS in ChemistryCalifornia State University, Northridge | 2015

About Me

Kristina Halbig

I am an analytical chemist that would like to take the analytical and problem solving skills I have and pivot to data analyst roles.

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