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Vitalii Shastun

Vitalii Shastun

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Understanding Data Science

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Understanding Data Topics

Data visionary, envisioning a future transformed by the power of information.

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Introduction to Tableau


Understanding Data Science


Understanding Data Engineering

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Coursera Google Coursera: Ask Questions to Make Data-Driven Decisions

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Фриланс | Jan 2023 - Present

Data Analyst

As a data analyst, I am driven by the curiosity to uncover insights from data and the desire to learn and grow in the field. I have a solid foundation in statistics, programming, and data visualization, and I am always eager to apply my knowledge to real-world problems. Although I don't have any previous work experience as a data analyst, I have completed relevant coursework in statistics, data analysis, and programming languages. I have also completed several personal projects where I have worked with various datasets, cleaned and preprocessed the data, performed the statistical analysis, and created visualizations to present the results. I am excited about the prospect of starting my career as a data analyst and I am confident that I have the skills and determination to succeed. I am eager to contribute my skills to a team and learn from experienced professionals to further enhance my skills and knowledge in the field.
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Flutter Developer


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Master's degree, Business Administration and Management, GeneralKremenchuk Mykhailo Ostohradskyi National University | 2013

About Me

Vitalii Shastun

Hi, I'm Vitaly! I'm passionate about data analytics and visualization, as well as producing music, photography, videography, and creating content. I enjoy finding new ways to communicate ideas and uncover insights through data.

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