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Introduction to Python

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B & B Consulting | Oct 2021 - Present

Marketing Director

Strategic Marketing: Expertly orchestrate all marketing endeavors, from captivating advertising listings to engaging blog posts, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement. Client-Focused: Deliver meticulously crafted marketing materials to prospective buyers, facilitating seamless access to expert consultation with Owner Rob Sales, a Licensed Real Estate Agent and Broker. Presence Building: Drive online visibility through innovative website design and SEO strategies, continuously refreshing content to captivate audiences and boost engagement.
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Key Real Estate Marketing | Jun 2020 - Present


Empowering Hospitality Real Estate Professionals for Unparalleled Marketing Success In today's competitive real estate landscape, effective marketing is the cornerstone of success. Key Real Estate Marketing specializes in amplifying your message to captivate audiences, drive leads, and close transactions. Our Approach: Elevating Your Brand and Listings Dynamic Blog Content: We craft compelling, SEO-optimized blog posts that showcase your expertise, attract and inform potential clients, while positioning you as a thought leader in the industry. Engaging Website Content: We create captivating website content designed to attract a wider audience to you and your listings, enhancing your online presence and driving traffic to your properties. Tailored Email Marketing: Through customized email campaigns, we nurture leads and keep your audience engaged with insightful content. Additionally, we develop personalized email opt-in incentives, enticing potential clients to join your expanding email list. Beyond Services: Your Dedicated Partner for Success Key Real Estate Marketing is more than just service providers. We're committed partners in your journey to success. With a keen understanding of the intricacies of real estate marketing, we deliver tailored solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. Let's Transform Your Marketing Together Elevate your marketing efforts, achieve outstanding results, and bring your marketing vision to life with Key Real Estate Marketing. Reach out to Kristi Dement for a complimentary initial consultation, and take the first step towards unlocking your full marketing potential.

Bed and Breakfast Marketing | Nov 2013 - Nov 2020

Chief Marketing Officer

Strategic Content: Crafted captivating content showcasing inns and their unique locales, elevating the presence of innkeeper clients and a state B&B association Dynamic Industry Engagement: Delivered compelling presentations on esteemed national innkeeping webinars, sharing expert insights about topics like guest packages and events

Wake Christian Academy | May 2006 - May 2016

Middle/High School Librarian (Grades 6-12)

Empowered 400+ Students and Faculty: Equipped them with indispensable research skills, fostering a culture of academic excellence and inquiry-driven learning. Enhanced Learning Resources: Expanded the library collection to cater to diverse learning needs, ensuring access to comprehensive resources that facilitated student development.

Family Business Institute | Jan 2015 - Jan 2016

Publishing Consultant

Facilitated Book Publication: Played a pivotal role in guiding the company president through the successful publication of "Our Family Business Crisis: and How It Made Us Stronger" on Amazon, ensuring availability in both paperback and Kindle formats. Compelling Narrative Promotion: Championed a compelling narrative that delves into the journey of a family business, navigates challenges and resilience-building, and fosters deeper connections with readers through relatable business and relationship themes. Client Engagement and Feedback Gathering: Proactively engaged executive clients in 2005 to gather valuable feedback on family business consultants, contributing to informed decision-making and enhancing client satisfaction

IMU Social Media | Jul 2013 - Mar 2015

Senior Blogger

Crafted Compelling Content: Produced keyword-rich content tailored to various industries, implementing advanced SEO techniques to enhance online visibility and drive organic traffic. Researched and Targeted Content Creation: Utilized advanced research skills to laser-focus content, effectively attracting each company's target audience and fostering meaningful engagement.

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Certificate of Hospitality and Tourism Management (completed online program remotely), Hospitalit...Florida Atlantic University - College of Business | 2020
North Carolina Central University
Michigan State University
West Ottawa High School

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