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Kondwani Paul Kufeyani

Kondwani Paul Kufeyani


Don Bosco Youth Technical Institute | Malawi


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Intermediate Python

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Exploring the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Market

Data adventurer, exploring datasets.

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Exploring the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Market


Project: Investigating Netflix Movies


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Colton Alexander | Dec 2023 - Mar 2024

Colton Alexander Remote Extern

During my tenure as a Colton Alexander Remote Extern, I had the privilege of working with Colton Alexander in a remote capacity through a partnership with Paragon One. This experience allowed me to immerse myself in diverse responsibilities, enhancing my skills and knowledge in various domains. Key Responsibilities: - Attended weekly company meetings, every Wednesday at 21:00 CAT, fostering effective communication and collaboration. - Engaged in office meetings every Tuesday at 20:00 CAT, contributing to strategic discussions. - Completed Project 1, developing a comprehensive mind map using Mira, guiding core project concepts. Main Project Highlights: - Researched two Series B technology or energy companies in the U.S. - Executed a 24-leveled analysis on chosen companies, covering details, founders, financials, market analysis, and risk assessment. - Delivered reports with CAGR, competitor analysis, market position, risks, mitigants, and funding analysis. Preparation for Project 2: - Gained understanding of core modules, including venture capital, financial asset management, asset classes, sustainability, energy transition, trends analysis, and generative AI. Key Skills Developed: - Proficient in PowerPoint for presentations. - Conducted market analysis and demonstrated problem-solving skills. - Exhibited effective communication and presentation skills. - Conducted trends analysis and engaged in secondary research. - Proficiency in tools like Slack, Discord, Mira, Gemini/Bard, ChatGPT, Perplexity AI, Le Chat, PowerPoint, Google Slides, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Loom, Google Chrome, and YouTube. Key Competencies Acquired: - Critical thinking and analytical skills. - Leadership in project management. - Time management for tight deadlines. - Collaboration within remote teams. - Effective communication and professionalism in a virtual environment. Technologies Used: - Slack - Discord - Mira - Gemini/Bard - ChatGPT - Perplexity AI - Le Chat - PowerPoint
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Paragon One | Jan 2024 - Jan 2024

Paragon One Remote Extern

Position Responsibilities • Investigated potential companies and their founders. • Designed tailored outreach messages and initiated contact. • Coordinated and set up interviews. • Conducted in-depth interviews using the given script. • Summarized key insights from each interview. • Examined the consolidated interview data to craft a detailed customer profile. Tech Stack • Slack • Figma • YouTube • Google Skills Problem Solving, Time-Management, Collaboration, Professionalism, Communication, Critical Thinking and Leadership

Thematic | Nov 2023 - Dec 2023

Thematic Remote Extern

Worked with Paragon One in partnership with Thematic to assist it extend its operational market via screening creator profiles that suited Thematic’s goals and offerings. Roles and Responsibilities • Developed a deep understanding of Thematic’s vision and mission and consistently developed communication messages in line with its core principles • Created personas for different types of platforms, whilst making sure the messages were in line with target audiences • Conducted lead discovery and research, collecting vital information about leads to inform communications team. • Provided recommendations and suggestions that came from lead generation and market research analysis to assist in the development and execution of business development strategies • Managed to develop professional level expertise in creating messages based on host companies best practices • Leveraged the opportunity to use and utilize AI to enhance message personalization making sure messages were tailored to individual prospects Tech Stack: • Loom • Google Slides • Google Chrome • Microsoft PowerPoint • Slack • Zoom Skills Data Analysis, Trends, Engagement, Influence and Impact, Presentation, Creative Problem Solving, Time Management and Utilization of Technology for Business Development and Analysis, Adaptive Agility, Effective Communication and Professionalism.

Don Bosco Youth Technical Institute | Aug 2023 - Present

Accountancy Instructor

Currently working at "The Institute," a distinguished training institute in the Commercial section within the Accountancy department. Roles and Responsibilities: Teaching: - Delivering lessons for subjects such as Business Mathematics and Statistics, Practical Mathematics and Computing, Information Systems, Economics, Company Law, Business Law, Management, and Accounting. - Explaining complex topics and concepts, including Calculus, Statistics, Cloud Technologies, and Macroeconomic subjects like Exchange rate mechanisms, by breaking them down into understandable bits. Planning: - Organizing the curriculum and developing educational materials. Assessment: - Providing students with assessments to evaluate their understanding and offering constructive feedback on their work. Classroom Management: - Maintaining an inclusive learning environment by creating engaging online classes centered around subjects that students can easily follow, understand, and engage with. Technology Integration: - Utilizing PowerPoint and other relevant aids to visually enhance the learning experience. Skills: - Subject Matter Expertise, Time Management, Ethical Awareness, Economic Awareness, Interpersonal Skills, Research Skills, Technology Integration, Communication, Mathematical Proficiency, Presentation Proficiency, and Planning.

My Education

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Master of Business Administration - MBA, Finance  · (September 2021 - JulyUnicaf University | 2023
Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA, Accounting  · (FebruaryMalawi Adventist University | 2019

About Me

Kondwani Paul Kufeyani

I am Finance and Accounting graduate. Working as a Accountancy Teacher. My passion is for continous improvement and am in all to learn data analysis and any relevant or related technologies.

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