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Introduction to SQL

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Introduction to SQL


Introduction to SQL

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Refocus | Sep 2022 - Present

Data Analyst Trainee/Student

I'm currently learning the Data Analytics Path and sort of Data Science Path. My focus are Excels, SQL, Power BI and Google Data Studio.
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Toyota Calbayog, Samar | Jan 2020 - Jan 2022

Safety Officer

1. Compliance to Philippine Laws and Regulations – preparation, application and acquisition, review of conditions of permits and renewal is necessary, of mandatory permits and certificates compliant to the following regulations: a. DO 198-18 OSH Law b. PD 1096 – Building Code of the Philippines c. RA 9514 – Fire Code of the Philippines 2. Serves as the Secretary of the Safety and Health Committee a. Preparation of the minutes of the meeting b. Reports to the dealer top management the activities of the committee 3. Workshop Safety a. Ensure that workshop equipment has preventive maintenance b. Ensure and monitor standardize usage of Personal Protective Equipment c. Management of safety labels and signages on equipment and workshop premises. 4. Workplace Environment Condition a. Ensure dealership compliance to workplace environment standards set by government and TMC on: i. Illumination ii. Noise iii. General ventilation (air supply, quality, temperature, humidity, etc.) b. Develop and implement programs to increase the overall condition of workplace environment standards. 5. Monthly 5S and Safety Patrol Audit a. Serves as the head of the safety of the dealership. b. Responsible for monitoring the progress of non-conformance found during the audit. 6. Emergency Preparedness a. Preparation of emergency standard operating procedure (SOP) and training to team members. b. Coordination with local BFP/PNP/NDRRMC for the conduct of emergency drills. c. Serves as the Secretary of the Emergency Response Team 7. Accident/Incident Investigation and Reporting a. Validation of incident report done by supervisors/foremen. Reporting of incident to TMP and/or government and monitoring the progress of its countermeasures. 8. Safety Promotion for Team Members a. Develop safety awareness programs b. Standardization of safety practices c. Implementation of Toyota Safety Culture (Near-Miss Suggestion, Danger Prediction, PoKeTeNaShi, etc.)

Cotecna Elite Philippines, Inc. | Jun 2017 - Aug 2019

Marine Cargo and Petroleum Inspector

•Perform quantity determination inspection of finished petroleum products in barges, vessels, and petroleum terminals tank using API/ASTM Standards. •Collect samples, measure level, density and temperature of Petroleum products •Creating detailed inspection reports with sms update •Investigate Cargo Losses •Perform Safety Checklist before the operation @STEEL DEPARTMENT (GENERAL CARGO SURVEYOR) •Monitor and Supervise Loading and Discharging Operation •Creating detailed inspection reports and report any unwanted incident during operation

Phoenix Petroterminals and Industrial Park (Now Calaca Seaport) | Nov 2016 - Mar 2017

On the Job Training - Trainee

1. Assigned on Different Field (Safety, Development and Port Operations and Maintenance) 2. Observed and Assist on the field of Safety Management, Port Operation and Oil Depot Terminal Operation 3. Direct Personal assistant of the Safety Manager

My Education

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Bachelor of Science in Petroleum EngineeringPalawan State University | 2017

About Me

Jenil Mar Lim

I'm a Petroleum Engineer by degree with more than 5 years of cumulative experience in Oil and Mineral Cargo Inspection and Safety Practice Profession. During the Covid Pandemic, Data Science and Analytics were introduced to me, and now my new path.

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