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Salvador Living Gonzalez Sanchez

Salvador Living Gonzalez Sanchez

Data Analyst



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Introduction to Python

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Associate Data Analyst in SQL (previously Data Analyst in SQL)

Quantitative wordsmith, translating complex concepts into elegant equations.

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Competition - predict hotel cancellation


Project: Analyzing Motorcycle Part Sales


Project: Analyzing Unicorn Companies

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VIDUSA | Aug 2023 - Present

Analista de datos


VIDUSA | Aug 2023 - Present

Analista de datos

**Data Analyst in the Real Estate Sector** **Indicator Development:** Creation and maintenance of innovative quality indicators to monitor and validate variations between budgeted and actual costs in real estate projects, ensuring data accuracy and relevance. **Data Visualization:** Design and presentation of comparative visualizations for executives, facilitating strategic decision-making based on detailed analysis and market trends. **Financial Management:** Expert handling of financial information with revenues exceeding $4 billion, ensuring data integrity and accuracy at all times. **Process Automation:** Implementation of automated solutions for the generation of managerial and executive reports. This includes the development of new quality indicators to manage budget versus cost, as well as indicators aimed at reducing costs while maintaining house quality, enhancing efficiency, reducing delivery times, and ensuring data accuracy. **Interdepartmental Collaboration:** Collaborative work with various departments to understand and meet their information needs, providing valuable insights and data-driven solutions.
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Grupo Gonher | Feb 2021 - Sep 2021

Quality Assurance Engineer

Responsibilities Check process in the production line Check and control parameters in the AID and Dielectric machine Check all the labels for all production batteries Check unusual batteries and define the criteria for them Release import and export batteries

Fluidmaster, Inc | Jun 2018 - Feb 2021

Production Supervisor

Responsibilities. Complianceand ProductionAssurance Contact with customers and suppliers. Teamwork with a Multidisciplinary team Time and motion analysis to improve process efficiency Reaction plan of the Production Department. Creation of Standard Work Audit. Dissemination of new documents to production leaders Workstation upgrades. Realization and Kaizen Events. 5’s PlantLevel System. Project Leader in reducing inventory adjustments for Sub-assy& Raw Materials. Preparationofoperatinginstructions Distribution of materials within the production lines. Projects to Reduce Accident Rates

Greendot21 | Mar 2019 - Apr 2020

Sales Representative

Responsibilities. Generating leads Negotiate sales/contracts with prospective clients Preparing weekly reports Maintain client records

My Education

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Ingenieria, desarrollo de softwareIEU Universidad | 2022

About Me

Salvador Living Gonzalez Sanchez

I am a passionate, trustworthy leader with strong interpersonal skills and a proactive approach. I strive to achieve organizational goals, foster teamwork, and continuously develop my skills.

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