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Matvey Logachev

Matvey Logachev


University of Granada


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Universidad de Granada | Sep 2022 - Present


Currently, I am pursuing a degree in Environmental Sciences at the University of Granada, Spain. Throughout my academic journey, I have been actively involved in various research projects, including a study on the biodiversity of woodlice and springtails in Belarus and an investigation of ant communities. My passion for entomology and the preservation of insects and animals has led me to acquire extensive knowledge in these fields. Additionally, I am proficient in various software programs, such as R-studio, GIS, and OpenRefine, which has allowed me to analyze data efficiently. Through my participation in English and Spanish speaking clubs, I have also developed excellent presentation skills. As an adaptive and organized individual, I am always eager to learn and grow. Being a strong team player, I believe that effective communication and collaboration are essential for achieving successful outcomes.
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Erasmus, Poland 2021-2022 in HydrobiologyUniwersytet Kazimierza Wielkiego | 2022
Biologist-ecologist. Teacher of Biology and Ecology, (not finished) in EcologyBelarusian State University | 2022
Environmental Science, still studying in Environmental ScienceUniversidad de Granada | 2022

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Matvey Logachev

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