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Arsen Sahakian

Arsen Sahakian

Solution Architect

Genware Computer Systems


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TIBCO TIBCO Certified Professional - Spotfire

TIBCO TIBCO Certified Professional - Data Virtualization

TIBCO TIBCO Certified Professional - Data Science

TIBCO TIBCO Certified Professional - Streaming

TIBCO TIBCO Certified Professional - EBX

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Genware Computer Systems | Jun 2016 - Present

Solution Architect

As Genware CS resource i have worked for more than 70 different projects in different types of companies. ● Manufacturing: Development & Implementation of a comprehensive Analytics solution for the manufacturing industry, named CPP: Connected Production Platform. This solution has been deployed in 5 big manufacturing companies, and it has 5 pillars: 1. Cp/Cpk/Pp/Ppk, 2. SPC Charts, 3. Multivariate Analysis (regression modeling, classification modeling, and time series), 4. Repeatability & Reproducibility, and 5. Design of experiments. Each implementation is required to work with each company's data for understanding, cleansing, virtualizing, connecting, modeling, etc. ● Data Governance: 1-year project for a big bank in Mexico. The CRM area has redesigned the communication workflow with customers in order to manage the utilization of credit cards. Multiple areas involved, multiple big data sources. ● Oil, Gas, and water mining: predictions based on each company data. Different mathematical and statistical methods were applied. Based on R integrated in Spotfire. ● Customer oriented projects: multiple companies looking for better understanding of the customer needs, in terms of sales, phone utilization, product usage, geolocalization, etc. ● Devices tracking: multiple companies looking for a better tracking of the usage of devices. ● Banking: products and customer management. ● Multiple small consultancy projects, based on connect customer data into different dashboards, data cleansing, dashboard development, DB management, etc. As a general overview, I typically execute vary widely and heterogeneous analysis tasks, like data sources exploration and management, SQL optimization, gather customer requirements, dashboards requirements & design, data virtualization, investigation of new technologies, forecasting & ad hoc predictions, application of machine learning techniques, development of statistics & financial models, R & Python developer.
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Globant | Jul 2012 - Jul 2016

Senior Support Engineer

Led of the production support team, composed of 4 members and responsible for supporting +10 different applications related to the Learning Management System ecosystem. Working over databases, servers and defect triage, and bug fixing. + million users (students, teachers, and learning coaches). Interaction with many product development users, content developers, etc. Technologies: Oracle, SQL, Java, MongoDB, Neo4j, Jboss.

Axxiome | Jan 2016 - Apr 2016

Senior Database Architect

Data architect. Incorporated in the production process and just before going live in Santander Bank, my objective was to redesign the database to improve design quality, consistency and performance. Context: ad hoc development process which would consolidate all Corporates worldwide of this bank. 4-month consultancy project. Technologies: SqlServer, ETL

Government Agency, Presidential Office of Uruguay | Jun 2010 - Jun 2012

Project Manager

Coordinator and lead of the IT area. Project management in government agencies, within the state modernization program. Evaluation, articulation, monitoring and control of providers. Analysis of business processes and definition through BPMN. Analysis of procedures and legacy systems, data structures, migration using ETL. Support with users of the dependency. Technologies: BPM

Topaz | Jan 2006 - Sep 2010

Senior Software Developer

Use case analysis, design, implementation, testing, deployment and support. Thought 5 years and 4 different projects in banks ABN Amro Mexico, BNA Chile, Mi Banco Perú and New Commercial Bank of Uruguay, i have been assigned always as part of core team developing the most critical software pieces of Topaz, a core banking system which has been adapted and deployed in all cases successfully. Working always in a multidisciplinary teams with accountants and economists and always under pressure. I was onsite in all going live stages.

IBM | Dec 2004 - Jan 2006

Software Developer

Participation in 5 projects within a social wealth care project, with WebSphere framework, in +12 people teams and using CMMi 5.

My Education

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Universidad de la República | 2020
Data Scientist with R path, R DataCamp | 2016

About Me

Arsen Sahakian

Software Engineer with 18+ years experience in Data, Analytics, SQL, R, Modeling, Development, Managing, Deployment, Migrations and Production Support. TIBCO Certified and Expert in Spotfire, Data Virtualization, Streaming, Data Science and EBX.

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