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Mir Maahir Ali

Mir Maahir Ali


Amity University Online | India


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Sleep's Foes: Unravelling the Stress-Sleep Connection and BMI Impact

A curious learner, a shooting star if you will. Shooting through the vast cosmos of data and knowledge.

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Sleep's Foes: Unravelling the Stress-Sleep Connection and BMI Impact


Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing

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IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

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I am still a student, and I haven't started work as of now.

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Bachelor in Computer ApplicationAmity University Online | 2024

About Me

Mir Maahir Ali

I am an enthusiastic data science student, who likes its various aspects like data exploration, storytelling, and model development. Learning is a never-ending journey, and that is why I am here, to learn through projects, competitions, and feedback.

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