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Waqas Ahmed

Waqas Ahmed

Data Analyst

Self Service Technology


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Intermediate SQL

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Soccer Through the Ages

Data enthusiast, turning information into intelligence with a smile.

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Introduction to DAX in Power BI


Introduction to SQL


Intermediate SQL


Soccer Through the Ages


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Self Service Technology | Sep 2023 - Present

Data Analyst

As a Data Analyst at Self-Service Technology, I specialize in analyzing EV charging sector data and software. My expertise lies in extracting valuable insights to optimize charging infrastructure and enhance user experiences. I am dedicated to contributing data-driven solutions in the dynamic world of electric vehicles.
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Fiverr. | Sep 2022 - Present

Data Analsyt Freelancer

A data analyst freelance role involves leveraging statistical techniques and analytical tools to interpret and draw insights from various datasets. Freelance data analysts collect, clean, and analyze data to help clients make informed business decisions, identify trends, patterns, and correlations, and create visualizations to effectively communicate findings. This role requires strong problem-solving skills, proficiency in programming languages such as Python or R, and the ability to work independently to deliver data-driven insights that drive business growth and strategy.

My Education

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M Sc. In Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in Generative AIuniversity of Hull | 2022
Ms in Computer Science in Artificial IntelligenceUniversity of Punjab | 2021

About Me

Waqas Ahmed

I am a dedicated data enthusiast seeking a role to apply my passion for uncovering insights and solving real-world challenges. With strong analytical skills and a keen eye for patterns, I am committed to making an impact through data-driven decisions

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